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Camping Themed Centerpieces

I have never been much of a camper, not because I am opposed to it, just hasn’t been something we have really made time for up to this point. The idea of camping sounds awesome, as long as there is a generator, I can sleep on the ground and be without an actual toilet, but […]

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Passover Seder Tables 2017

One of my favorite parts of Passover is hosting a bunch of people… location is not important. In this post I am sharing both my Seder tablescapes and I am pretty thrilled with how both of them turned out. One was at my house for our family and the other is a joint venture my […]

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Rustic & Gold Table Scape

The last part of 2016 was a blur and I would love to mean that in a way that was even remotely good… but I don’t. Because of that, I fell off a bit with the blogging and even though I was doing crafty things (my therapy) and photographing them, I never quite got all […]

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Little Girls Slumber Party

So, it has officially happened. I lost my mind. At least that is what I was thinking at 10:58 pm Friday night when I had 10 girls 6 and under in my living room for a sleepover for Avery’s birthday, most of which who weren’t asleep yet. Rewind a bit to Avery asking for a […]

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Rosh Hashanah Tablescape

It is that time of year again!! We had an other fun family Rosh Hashanah dinner! I love decorating for this holiday, well, any holiday really, and it is always so fun to celebrate the new year because it is always in fall when I feel more like a new beginning because of the start […]

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#ad Game Day Snack Ideas

So, it is January and we all know what that means. Football. It is the race to the big game in February and we are all rooting for our all time favorites or our favorites of the day. Either way, when game day comes, I have some great big game snack ideas so you can […]

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Simple Party Planning Tips

I know that party planning tips are not a new thing here on Delicate Construction. It is no secret that I enjoy planning a great party! But in 2014, I want to take the stress out of the planning and enjoy it more. The parties always come out well and even if they don’t turn […]

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Halloween Celebrations and Dessert Ideas!

Halloween is almost here! Can you believe we are already in the midst of the end of the year holidays? This year has gone by so fast!!! I love taking advantage of all holidays with a little Halloween celebration for my daughter and her friends so I thought I would throw a dessert and candy […]

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Rustic Cupcake Stand

I made it through another week at So You Think You’re Crafty!! This competition is something else! It is way more stressful and challenging than I thought it was going to be! But I made it through and last week for birthday week I made a rustic cupcake stand out of some discs cut from […]

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