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Passover Matzah Tostada (21 Day Fix Recipe)

I have to say, I love Passover… for the most part. I love planning a Seder, setting a table, cooking for the whole family and all the tradition that goes along with it. However, I have never wanted pizza more than I do on the 7th day of Passover. Matzah is all fun and games […]

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21 Day Fix Meal Prep Ideas

I always love sharing 21 Day Fix ideas with you all because it is a plan I can really get behind. It is the only eating plan I have ever done that seems manageable as a lifestyle, mostly because I don’t have to give up carbs… or wine. But I know that one of my […]

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21 Day Fix Approved Pizza

I have been back on the 21 day fix eating plan for a couple of weeks now and I feel like lunch is one of the hardest parts of the day. For me this has a lot to do with the rules where I work, I can’t bring meat in my lunch which becomes challenging […]

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21 Day Fix Approved Strawberry Shortcake

I am back on 21 day fix and for the most part, I don’t find the eating portion of the program challenging at all. There is one time of day however that is more difficult than the rest and that is after dinner1 Dessert can be a real challenge for many of us and not […]

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21 Day Fix Approved Chocolate Chip Vanilla Shakeology Mug Cake

Say that title 3 times fast! It is quite the mouthful, but a very tasty and 21 day fix approved mouthful so it’s all good! I am back on my grind to get my fitness back as a priority and I am trying to plan ahead this time and make plans for the times of […]

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21 Day Fix Approved Banana Pancakes!

Like most people, I have tried a NUMBER of different eating plans and exercise routines, however I just love the 21 Day Fix plan because it really is just the most realistic. You don’t have to give anything up and moderation and portion control are the whole point. I have been able to lose weight […]

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2 Ingredient Green Bean Recipe {21 Day Fix Approved!}

I recently discovered that I am a super fan of green beans which has been great when I am being a little more conscious of what I eat. I also have discovered I enjoy pesto as well and that is where this idea was born- check out the easiest green beans you have ever seen […]

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Blueberries and Cream Shakeology!

I have been loving Shakeology, my favorite right now is the Vanilla which I am more than happy with just blended with ice and water, but why not have some fun with new flavors! I mixed it up this week and this blueberries and cream mix may be a close second! It was super simple […]

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21 Day Fix Approved Sweet Potato Fries

You know, I have been doing this whole 21 Day Fix thing for a while and have seen great results, but that does not mean that I never get cravings. The great part is that most of the time, I can find a way to have my cake, or fries, and eat them too! This […]

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21+ 21 Day Fix Dinner Ideas!!

Today starts my very first CHALLENGE group as a Beachbody Coach! I have a group of friends doing the 21 Day Fix with me and I am excited to see everyone’s results! One of the things they had asked for were some more dinner ideas so I took to Pinterest and have linked up a […]

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