4th of July Patriotic Slime

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Everything is red, white and blue this week at camp with the fourth of July next week and I have been having a blast with patriotic snacks and activities. One of my favorites so far is this patriotic slime I made for the 3 bigger classes, it came out so great! Plus there is an added little something that makes it even cooler than normal slime, can you tell?

4th of july patriotic slime

How cool are those little foam balls all throughout the slime? Those are the newest thing from Make It: Fun Crafts and they are called Slime Ballz and with slime as popular as it is, this is the perfect thing to add to your play for next to nothing. You can grab them at you favorite craft store or on amazon (affiliate link) by clicking the image below and they are super affordable!

Now, this is my bulk recipe because I usually make enough for four kids to play with at once, you can easily separate this in half or in thirds even if you want a smaller batch. For the patriotic recipe I needed red, white and blue so I made this recipe three times, once with each color. It would break down quite nicely if you divided the recipe in thirds and made it three times, once with each color. Here is what you need:

Bowl 1: 3 cups of hot tap water and 3 teaspoons Borax (I used plastic spoons because that is what I had, plus you can toss them when you are done which is nice). Stir until dissolved.

4th of july patriotic slime 2

Bowl 2: 3 cups glue (here is the standard white glue for the white, but for the blue and red, I used clear glue because colors show up better) and 3 cups water. Mix until combined and add any liquid water color/food coloring, glitter or any other extras. DO NOT add Slime Ballz at this point, that comes later.

4th of july patriotic slime 3

Once bowl 2 is combined, pour it into bowl 1, you will see it start to come together immediately. You can stir it a couple of times with the spoon, but really, it is easiest if you just get your hands in there and squish it so all of the glue touches the solution so it can react and solidify… err, slimeify?

4th of july patriotic slime 4

Once it is a single mass, transfer to another container to sit for a bit, I had these disposables on hand and they were perfect.

4th of july patriotic slime 5

There are the colors all lined up in a row! The red and blue were made with clear glue, liquid watercolors and glitter while the white glue was left as is with just some glitter added because… well, glitter.

4th of july patriotic slime 6

I took a piece off each one to add my Slime Ballz too and you can add as much or little as you want, but I think one bag (the package comes with two) would be plenty for one big batch of slime. I put the slime in a bowl, pour some Slime Ballz on top and worked them in with some kneading and then set aside while I did the other two colors.

4th of july patriotic slime 7

I planned on mixing them so I placed them in the same tray when I was done.

4th of july patriotic slime 8

That’s it! I love it and I can’t wait to see what the kids do with it!

4th of july patriotic slime 9

Has the slime craze hit your house yet?

4th of july patriotic slime 10

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