Large Felt Flowers for Spring!

 I was compensated in exchange for this post, however, all opinions and ideas are my own.

Spring is coming and even though the people from the east or north might throw rocks at me, we had one heck of a winter her in San Diego this year. We went from most of the state being in a severe, glare at your neighbors when they water their lawn, drought to being able pretty much stable. Yesterday it rained allllll day and night while I worked on these large felt flowers and set them up to photograph in the morning and I don’t know if it was the sun or the bright cheery flowers or both, but it certainly felt like springtime when I walked out this morning. Here is how I made them!

large felt roses


To start, I took each one of the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam Eggs and cut off the bottoms so they sat flat on my work surface.

large felt flowers 15

Next, I gathered the felt and started cutting leaves. You are going to need more leaves for larger eggs and less for smaller but I found that at most I was using 3 pieces of felt for each flower. Each one uses 3 small for the center, 12-18 medium for the bulk of the rose and 4-6 large for the last layer at the bottom. I cut two layers thick to save time and then I saved the last piece of felt for each color as an extra to fill in where needed.

large felt roses 3

I also cut a small square from the scraps to glue it to the top of the egg so you can’t see any of the foam in the finished flower.

large felt roses 4

To start with the center of the flower I took the three smallest petals and put them on one at a time with the hot glue. I overlapped as I went to get a more realistic shape.

large felt roses 6

After the center is done, I started adding the medium sized petals, making sure I was staggering them so they weren’t all right on top of each other. I put them on one at a time until I was about a half inch from the bottom.

large felt roses 7

Once there is just a small bit at the bottom, I used the largest petals to finish it off. I lined them up with the bottom and made sure to stagger them while still covering up all the foam.

large felt roses 5

After all the pieces are glued I went back, starting from the bottom, and pulled the leaves out so it looked more like a full and open rose.

large felt roses 9

The last step was to make the leaf. I free handed this like I did the rest of the petals and just used a simple shape.

large felt roses 10

I put glue on the very bottom of the leaf and attached it to the side of the rose.

large felt rose 12

When they were done, I just clustered them all on my table as a centerpiece and couldn’t be happier with the outcome! They are a fun and bright accent but would also be great in my craft room on my craft table or maybe even on the mantle!

large felt roses 13

Where would you put them? Let me know in the comments below!

large felt flowers 14

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