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Last Minute Valentines

I had intended on posting yesterday, honest but as always time got away from me so I will just have to post twice today- that isn’t sooo bad right!?! lol These I made quickly last night because I had bought them but put them away in the cupboard and almost didn’t do anything with them, […]

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Valentine Wooden Blocks

Being a preschool teacher has given me the eye for many unusual things that I can’t even think about throwing away- they can always have a purpose. While this occasionally drives my husband nuts, he deals with me and my scrap wood, styrofoam, beads, bobbles, branches, concrete blocks and other number of odd scraps I […]

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Fast and Easy Valentines

I made these for my husbands class, he isn’t so excited to bring them but his co-workers know by now that he doesn’t have a say in this kind of thing and to expect it from me. Hey if you want the random cookie or brownie platter then you take the corny Valentines too right?!?! […]

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