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Halloween Fun Day 10- Halloween Skirt for Avery

I had to make Avery something Halloween themed to wear, especially to go with the bows I had made her and I thought I would try a skirt. I picked up a couple of cute Halloween prints because they were 50% off and here is the first project I came up with: I started by […]

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Ask and You Shall Receive- Fringe Bib Tutorial

I had a request for this tutorial so I had some extra time during nap time today so I made another one. This is the tutorial for the basic bib and then you can add just about anything to embellish it. First fold over your fabric, I used a receiving blanket. Then get a bib […]

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Halloween Fun Day 5- Make Costumes

I have got Avery’s costume mostly completed… can you tell what she is? Well I am hoping you said Pebbles Flintstone!!! I still need to put a zipper in the back and get her some blue or black bloomers to go with the costume but I am pretty happy with it so far. I also […]

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Next on the List? About a Thousand More of These!

No matter how many bibs you beg, borrow, buy or steal… you always need more. It never fails. So I thought I would experiment with making them in a more affordable way and used some of Avery’s extra receiving blankets. Even with store bought flannel I think it would be cheaper to make them yourself […]

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Get your craft on Thurs.

Jelly Roll Infant Skirt

During Avery’s nap, I did what I often do and went in the craft room and looked for inspiration and today I zeroed in on this adorable jelly roll I had gotten a while ago. I took out three pieces and decided I would dive in a try to make my baby a skirt- and […]

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They are finished!

I showed some progress on my Rag Quilt letters previously but I finished them over the weekend and I have to say I am pretty excited!! You can find the tutorial to make these here at Happy Together and she was so kind as to also make templates for the letters that you can download […]

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What I’m Working On…

I am working away on these awesome Rag Quilted Alphabet Letters found over at Happy Together here. I am completely shocked at my progress and that you can even tell what the letters are! Here are all the pieces of fabric pinned together with the batting between them and the letters traced on, I used […]

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The Girl Creative

Dollar Tree Dishtowel Apron

I feel the need to start this post with a disclaimer, I have sewing skills that leave much to be desired, MUCH. But I feel like the only way to get better is to keep practicing so away I go! My mom gave me this idea and for an apron made out of two dish […]

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