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Denim Yo Yo Napkin Rings

I am really into yoyo’s lately (as you could probably tell) and I have had a bunch of denim that I have been wanting to use up as well…. so I thought to combine the two! I made some yoyo’s out of the scrap denim and then attached them to some fabric covered napkin rings […]

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Springtime Science Experiment

As if I wasn’t busy enough these days, I am also a full time student working on my BA in Child Development through National University- I heart online education! Wade and I both take classes through there and both also took February off in expectation of Miss Avery coming mid- month and having some time […]

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The Girl Creative

Easy Glam Napkin Rings

I am pretty bummed I didn’t post my project that I was so excited about yesterday but it isn’t done and yesterday turned out to be much busier than I had expected. This whole not knowing when the baby will come thing doesn’t work for me, it would be helpful to know exactly when she […]

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Candy Bar Party Favor

I meant to post this yesterday, but there was and ugly storm and it made all my errands take twice as long as they should have and by the time I got home, there was no time left in the day.These were the party favor for my baby shower and I had been wanting a […]

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Party Tips & Tricks + Baby Shower Pics!

My baby shower was yesterday and was held at my house and though my mom and mother in law wanted to throw it for me and have me do nothing for it, they eventually gave in- which was awesome because I didn’t ask that many times lol. What can I say, I like to throw […]

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Delicately Constructed Fridays- Dessert Stand

This stand was a genius idea! Those are 3 square boards, in this case a 3×3 foot on the bottom, a 2×2 foot in the middle and a 1×1 foot on top. In between them are shallow ceramic pots from the garden center. Then the boards can be covered with any fabric and embellishments that […]

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Delicately Constructed Friday- Don’t forget your risers!!

I always, always, always use risers for any party or display no matter what the size, any box will do and it never matters what it looks like because you just cover with another piece of fabric, add some flowers and viola! You look like you have been catering for years! Don’t forget this trick […]

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Shanah Tovah

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and we had hubby’s family over to celebrate. We only found out about hosting yesterday so today after work I ran home (after stopping to pick up a few cute girl outfits for baby, yeah I couldn’t help myself, will post pics this […]

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