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Halloween Fun Day 3- Glittery Skulls

You know I had to glitter something during these Halloween Fun Days right!?! I had two plain skulls and they were screaming to have some glitter- plus they looked out of place on the mantle without it lol. First cover with Mod Podge Then add glitter- as if you haven’t read these same directions a […]

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Halloween Fun Day 2- Spider Webs!

Halloween Fun Day 1 is put on hold for a bit because we are actually experiencing weather here in the form of rain, coming soon. But we were able to get some of the spider web up before the rain and really it should go up first anyways…. First gather the helpers and the spider […]

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Halloween Fun Day 18- Subway Art

As you have already seen, I jumped on the subway art bandwagon. But seeing all the Halloween themed art has inspired me to tackle this project once again. Instead of the black and white route, I went with a more colorful version. I picked out a few different scrapbook papers and ran them through my […]

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Anywhere Crafter

Wade has had a lot of doctor’s appointments lately, and he currently can’t drive because of whatever is wrong (still don’t know) so I take him to and from his appointments. No big deal, except I am left to entertain a 7 month old and a 20 year old with very different interests until dear […]

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October Activity Calendar

I had so much fun making this (the second time, the first one was crap-tastic) and I think it will create a lot of family memories in October for the four of us! Here is what you need: Cookie sheet Gesso Acrylic paint in your choice of color Brushes Glitter Patterned scrapbook papers 1 inch […]

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Halloween Candlesticks

Today was ridiculous so I didn’t get in any good crafting time but I was able to do this project that I had been thinking about for a while and it took literally 5 minutes or maybe less. I saw these types of candles while walking through Big Lots and they were the electric ones […]

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