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$25 Giant Above Ground Planter

It is spring and that means gardening! Well… for my husband, not so much me. I like picking things out at Home Depot and building stuff, but the whole maintaining the garden thing is not really my jam. I always get distracted, forget to water and let things die. My husband, however, gets all into […]

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Mosaic Cinder Block Planter {PART 2!!}

Alright y’all. I need to come clean about something. On my little ol’ blog, there is one post that is by far more popular than any others… it is part one to a mosaic cinder block planter tutorial. It was written in August of 2010- yup, 2010, the same year my daughter was born. By […]

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11 Garden Resources for Kids!

We had a blast putting together our garden and ever since we did, Avery has been really interested in the whole process. Because of that, I thought I would ask a great group of mommy bloggers to share some of their favorite garden posts with me so I could pass them on to you! Here […]

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$4 DIY Garden Boxes

It is Spring!! Well, almost, but for Southern California, we really didn’t ever get winter this year. I know my complaining about the weather is going to get me some dirty looks with the whole other half o the US dealing with the Polar Vortex, but 90 degrees in January isn’t pleasant either. Plus, what […]

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Quick and Easy Drop Cloth Banner

I had such a busy day today spending time with a friend I haven’t seen in almost a decade. Can’t believe that! But I still came home and got my craft on!I am really enjoying making projects for the garden and so I thought I would experiment with making an outdoor banner! I was able […]

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Drop Cloth Planter Tutorial

We have been working on our garden for a few weeks now and I shared that process a couple times on my blog as well! You can check out the layout of the garden HERE , a sign I made for the garden HERE, and the garden marker tutorial HERE.But I also would like to […]

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Wood Garden Sign

I shared with you all our garden a couple of weeks ago, and I have exciting news. It is still alive! I am pretty excited. So I wanted to start making some little decorative pieces to put outside and add some pops of colors and this sign was the first thing that came to mind! […]

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DIY Backyard Garden

We have one of those backyards that wraps around the back of the house. Right when we moved in, we had this extra piece of fence that we used to block off one side that was rather narrow and ran the length of the house. This, not surprisingly being that it is an odd shape, […]

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Wood Burned Garden Markers

Over the weekend we did a WHOLE lot of work on a part of our yard that had previous had no use. It was so overgrown that we couldn’t even get to the end of it. 2 days of dedication and we are the proud owners of an extra 600 square feet of outdoor space […]

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Springtime Gardening

A couple of weeks ago we did a science experiment. You know the one, lima beans in a plastic bag with a wet paper towel. Not so exciting. But then I thought “huh, we just bought all those veggie seeds, why not try those?” So we did, 10 different types I think and it was […]

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