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Door Stops- Part One

If it was one thing that I learned quickly, it was that when the windows are open, doors slam… a lot. So, for that reason I knew I needed to make some door stops, but I wanted to have fun with it, I did the first part but I am still going through ideas for […]

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Earth"quicks" and Candle sticks

There was another earthquake last night and I have to say… there have been far too many of those going on lately in my opinion. It is just a really uncomfortable thought, a friend of ours said it perfectly “when there is a fire, you can get out of the house, you can’t get off […]

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Headboard re-mix

When we moved we decided to go another direction with the color scheme of our room… which will be finished hopefully this week… and I wanted the head board to get a lift along with everything else. Our room is an awesome shade of olive green and has black and white accents. While the black […]

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My Post from Miss Crafty Pants

Here is the idea I posted over at Miss Crafty Pants last Friday, it is a fun idea and has infinite possibilities! I made a 3D photo collage frame from some simple card board boxes I got at the craft store- that cost me a total of 4$ and came out like this: Here is […]

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Inspired Glass Vase

I had a coupon for Real Simple this month (they should do that more often- coupons for magazines that is) and in it I found this vase: I believe it was made by Nekkar? I think that was what the picture said- I gave the page to my mom. And it was somewhere over 350$… […]

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Scrapbook Paper Cut Outs

I have been loving all the silhouette ideas I have seen in magazines, friends homes and online and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon but tweak things a little bit to fit the materials I had on hand and our needs. With all our animals, everything that is hanging on a wall or […]

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Simple Denim Wreath

This idea came to me when I was going through my closet and getting rid of some clothes and sorting them into the donate and trash pile. The trash pile wasn’t big but contained the clothes that were too worn or stained to donate. I still haven’t actually tossed the bag yet though because it […]

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Letter Blocks

I finally finished this idea that had been floating around in my head for a while and I am pretty happy with the way it came out. I got these Styrofoam blocks from the dollar tree that are just shy of 4×4 inches and added some pictures and scrapbook paper to make a cute decor […]

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Mod Podge Glass Candles

I was using Mod Podge on a few composition books for a project I am going to post tomorrow and wanted to keep the decoupage fun going and so I went shopping at one of my favorite places- my hall closet. What can I say, I am a big fan of the price of all […]

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The Girl Creative

Easy Glam Napkin Rings

I am pretty bummed I didn’t post my project that I was so excited about yesterday but it isn’t done and yesterday turned out to be much busier than I had expected. This whole not knowing when the baby will come thing doesn’t work for me, it would be helpful to know exactly when she […]

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