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Shanah Tovah

Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year and we had hubby’s family over to celebrate. We only found out about hosting yesterday so today after work I ran home (after stopping to pick up a few cute girl outfits for baby, yeah I couldn’t help myself, will post pics this […]

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Delicately Constructed Fridays- Fruit Centerpieces

I loved this idea as soon as I saw it in a magazine and when I checked the price I knew I would never pay that amount, but I could make my own! I skewered up a bunch of different fruits and then arranged them as I would flowers. Just keep adding until it is […]

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Delicately Constructed Fridays- Floral Centerpieces

I love flowers because all you need is floral foam and a base to put them in and it always comes out beautifully. These bases I got at a florist warehouse, dangerous for us into crafting but I took the plunge and now it ranks up there with Joanns, Michaels and scrapbooking stores, and they […]

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Delicately Constructed Fridays- Tulip Bouquet

This bouquet was super easy to make and the stems of the tulips lend themselves nicely to this style. Arrange all the flowers as you would like them and then wrap the base with floral tape, you have to stretch it a little bit to make it stick to itself. Once it is all wrapped […]

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It’s a……


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I spy… the alphabet!

I loved making this project for a school assignment and ended up putting it up in my preschool class this year as my alphabet, I love it because it is more fun than the standard store bought version and much more interactive! This would be an awesome thing to do with children to spell names […]

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