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Bow Tutorial #3- "Flower" Bow

Ok, as promised here is the “flower” bow tutorial, I love making these and either make one large one for a pony tail or two smaller matching ones. Here is what you need: Barrette Hot glue gun Ribbon Center embellishment, buttons, rhinestones etc. First cut your 6 pieces of ribbon, I find this number works […]

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Last Minute Valentines

I had intended on posting yesterday, honest but as always time got away from me so I will just have to post twice today- that isn’t sooo bad right!?! lol These I made quickly last night because I had bought them but put them away in the cupboard and almost didn’t do anything with them, […]

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The Girl Creative

Easy Glam Napkin Rings

I am pretty bummed I didn’t post my project that I was so excited about yesterday but it isn’t done and yesterday turned out to be much busier than I had expected. This whole not knowing when the baby will come thing doesn’t work for me, it would be helpful to know exactly when she […]

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Valentine Wooden Blocks

Being a preschool teacher has given me the eye for many unusual things that I can’t even think about throwing away- they can always have a purpose. While this occasionally drives my husband nuts, he deals with me and my scrap wood, styrofoam, beads, bobbles, branches, concrete blocks and other number of odd scraps I […]

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Fast and Easy Valentines

I made these for my husbands class, he isn’t so excited to bring them but his co-workers know by now that he doesn’t have a say in this kind of thing and to expect it from me. Hey if you want the random cookie or brownie platter then you take the corny Valentines too right?!?! […]

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Bow Tutorial #2- Flat bow

These are the next easiest, and you could make a set in every color in under an hour for sure. For these I decieded to try these barrettes that I picked up in the ribbon section of Michaels and while I wasn’t totally impressed with their quality, I paid for them so am going to […]

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Bow Tutorial #1- Easy Flower Clip

Ok, I have a bunch of tutorials I want to post and I figure I will start out with the easiest ones first, and it doesn’t get much easier than this one. To make these you will need: Barrettes (or whatever type of clip you would like to use, I find these in the jewelry […]

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Gift Card Tin Mini Scrapbook

These are so much fun, and super cheap to make because I found a bunch of cute tins at Michaels for a dollar and you can use up all your scrapbook scraps to decorate the inside. Here are all the tins I have picked up over the last few months: I picked the pink one […]

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Sea Port Village Pics

Sea Port Village, though a tourist influenced area (meaning everything is expensive!), is still fun for us locals as well. We took a nice walk around and got lunch and even a few good pictures. I was in charge of the camera today and for some reason I always find myself taking pictures of trees, […]

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Check this out!!!

We were able to do our photo shoot yesterday with Richie Moreno and it came out soooooo cute! He put up a slide show on his blog with video and pictures if you want to check it out. If you are in the San Diego area and need pictures done, you should get in contact […]

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