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Iron Embellished Baby Clothes

Well, baby is STILL NOT HERE (ugh) and now officially 2 days overdue, we will be scheduling an induction later this afternoon for sometime later this week but I REALLY want her to come on her own, all the meds involved in induction scare the beejeebees out of me. But on to the crafts , […]

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New toy and possibly addiction…

My mom got one of these Knifty Knitters and had been messing around on it for not long before she had a hat for baby and a scarf for me and said it was so easy and the various looms weren’t too expensive at all. Now I have tried crocheting- twice and while I can […]

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What I’m Working On…

I am working away on these awesome Rag Quilted Alphabet Letters found over at Happy Together here. I am completely shocked at my progress and that you can even tell what the letters are! Here are all the pieces of fabric pinned together with the batting between them and the letters traced on, I used […]

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Crafting for a Cause- Mod Podge Notebooks

I have seen this project around bloggy land and though I couldn’t craft the gorgeous sewn composition book cover that Alida has a tutorial for here, I do have a bunch of scrapbook paper and some mod podge to help with her wonderful Write It Out project. If you haven’t seen this around you have […]

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Mod Podge Glass Candles

I was using Mod Podge on a few composition books for a project I am going to post tomorrow and wanted to keep the decoupage fun going and so I went shopping at one of my favorite places- my hall closet. What can I say, I am a big fan of the price of all […]

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The Girl Creative

Dollar Tree Dishtowel Apron

I feel the need to start this post with a disclaimer, I have sewing skills that leave much to be desired, MUCH. But I feel like the only way to get better is to keep practicing so away I go! My mom gave me this idea and for an apron made out of two dish […]

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Get Well Card and Valentines Flowers

I haven’t posted in a couple of days so I have a few things to cover, first I have to post the beautiful tulips the hubs got me on Saturday for Valentines day so he gets credit..lol! Aren’t they pretty! I have always liked tulips best, which makes the tulip tatoo on my shoulder very […]

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Bow Tutorial #4- Butterfly Bow

All of these tutorials have been fun to do but there are millions more out there, this is just how I figured out how to do it and it works for me, and I hope you guys too! This bow is very fun and can be made with any number of color combinations. Here is […]

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Bow Tutorial #3- "Flower" Bow

Ok, as promised here is the “flower” bow tutorial, I love making these and either make one large one for a pony tail or two smaller matching ones. Here is what you need: Barrette Hot glue gun Ribbon Center embellishment, buttons, rhinestones etc. First cut your 6 pieces of ribbon, I find this number works […]

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Last Minute Valentines

I had intended on posting yesterday, honest but as always time got away from me so I will just have to post twice today- that isn’t sooo bad right!?! lol These I made quickly last night because I had bought them but put them away in the cupboard and almost didn’t do anything with them, […]

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