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Keeping It Simple

Rosette Bracelet Tutorial

We all know I have been allllllll about the rosette jewlery lately, and I am keepin’ it going!  All those necklaces need some bracelets to go with them right?! Well here you go!! What do you think? I wore it to the grocery store and got a few compliments so it passed that test! Click […]

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Removable/ Interchangeable Decorative Dish Towels

We all have seen the decorative dish towels everywhere and they alllll are so cute! I have made quite a few myself and think they are adorable … until I put them through the washer and dryer and somewhere along the way they get destroyed.  I am going to go out there and say this […]

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9$ Dollar Wall Decor: Tri- Panel Abstract Paintings

I have been working on getting things on the wall- not every.single.wall. but enough to make it seem like I put some effort into decorating this place. There was this part of the hallway that definitely needed something, a colorful something, so the wheels began turning.  I am a huge fan of decorating with homemade […]

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Most Popular Posts of 2010

As I sit here on New Years Eve (and glad we didn’t make plans to go out with how sick Avery is) I was reflecting on this blogging year and thought I would share the top 10 most popular posts. I am so grateful that I kept up this blog because I have gained so […]

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The last few days….

Have been NUTS, you know there is something up when I don’t blog, it is one of my favorite things to do to de-stress and if I don’t do it then that means I am swamped, busy, tired or potential loosing my mind lol. The last few days have been all four. We found out […]

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mmmmm Chocolate!!!

I broke down and made brownies tonight. I don’t know why I think that they are healthier because they are vegan but I think that is how my brain is justifying it. They are not. They are far from healthy, but they are the lesser of two evils. That is until I added the dollop […]

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Bathroom Makeover Part One!

Life has been NUTS lately and I barely made it through my class last month ( I got a B, but all the points I lost was not on the quality of the assignment but because a few were pretty late, not too bad but not great either). So I talked to my counselor at […]

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Guest Post with Jax from Aly and Ash!

My life is a sea of boxes, packing tape and paint samples so I decided instead of listening to my rants for a week or worse even, just not posting, I thought that I would get some guest bloggers to help me out for the week! First, is Jax from Aly and Ash! This is […]

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Denim Yo Yo Napkin Rings

I am really into yoyo’s lately (as you could probably tell) and I have had a bunch of denim that I have been wanting to use up as well…. so I thought to combine the two! I made some yoyo’s out of the scrap denim and then attached them to some fabric covered napkin rings […]

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