Easy Pumpkin Donuts

Are you all about pumpkin everything? I am on the fence. I like quite a few pumpkin flavored items though I am not “all in” so to speak. I will, however, be on board with most carbs so when I saw pumpkin spice donuts, I knew there was a good chance that those would not disappoint. Also, how could I resist making super cute little pumpkins out of them? I couldn’t, that’s how.

pumpkin donuts

Here is what you need:

  • Donuts in your favorite flavor
  • Pretzels
  • Green icing (I used a kind in a tube/packet from the baking aisle)

pumpkin donuts 2

This is so simple it would be a great food craft for a Halloween party or any other situation where you have a lot of little hands that you would like to keep busy before they get all hopped up on sugar. The first step, break off the bottom of your pretzel to get a good curved piece that looks rather stem-like.

pumpkin donuts 3

Then, stick it in the top of the donut.

-pumpkin donuts 4

Lastly, use the icing to make a sweet little leaf next to the stem and that’s it!

pumpkin donuts 5

They were beyond delicious, as I suspected, and scored me some “cool mom” points.

pumpkin donuts 6



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