DIY Bleached Personalized Beach Towel

School is out and summer is here, are you ready? Me neither. But it is here nonetheless and there are certain things that drive me crazy and that is looking for beach towels. Working at a preschool, I do that a lot and not surprisingly, many children come with the same towel and it makes the process that much more difficult. Even though I understand this and in the past have added Avery’s name in multiple spots, things still get confused and the wrong person takes it home and it is a big mess, but not this year! This year, there is a very slim chance that anyone will go home with Avery’s towel, I have taken to crafting and personalizing a towel she can use for the whole summer!

diy beach towel

This was a pretty quick and easy craft as well, I just grabbed a towel from Target, I chose a bath sheet, and cut some letters on my Cricut Explore. I chose big chunky letters at 11 inches tall but if your child’s name is longer, it will be better to size down a bit.

diy beach towel 2

I placed the letters where I wanted them, you could also use the stencil if you wanted the letter itself to be bleached but I liked the idea of doing the opposite.

diy beach towel 3

Then I put some bleach in a spray bottle, I used an old perfume bottle but use whatever you have on hand. I sprayed around  the edge of each letter pretty generously, but keep in mind you will not be able to see it immediately start to change, it takes about a minute or so.

diy beach towel 4

I had taped down the letters but in the end, I don’t really think it was necessary, but it made me feel better at the time.

diy beach towel 5

I removed the letters after a couple of minutes and let it dry completely before I threw it in the wash.

diy beach towel 6

I think Avery is a fan! I am a fan because I won’t have to go searching for which trendy character towel is hers!

diy beach towel 7


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