Passover Matzah Tostada (21 Day Fix Recipe)

I have to say, I love Passover… for the most part. I love planning a Seder, setting a table, cooking for the whole family and all the tradition that goes along with it. However, I have never wanted pizza more than I do on the 7th day of Passover. Matzah is all fun and games in the beginning, but it certainly can get old quick. Especially if you are not eating kitniyot (beans, corn, seeds, etc.) your carb options are certainly limited. In all honesty, we shouldn’t really be eating too much of all the stuff we are missing and 21 Day Fix has us limited on portion and type of carbs anyways so it is not as hard as it could be… but creativity is key. This idea, my friends, is one to save for the future because it was legit. Our matzah tostadas were a hit with everyone in the family and really you could put whatever you want on them, obviously I went simple… and green.

matzah tostada

Really, anything goes! I started with a plain piece of matzah (I call this one yellow on 21 Day Fix) and added spinach (1 green), ground turkey (1 red) and guacamole (1 blue). If we were not watching what we were eating, I guarantee we would have had soy crumbles so the hubs could have sour cream and cheese. But since he isn’t supposed to be eating all that (I don’t like cheese and sour cream so it effects me none) we went with the meat instead of dairy.

matzah tostada 3

Y’all, I can’t get across how good this was… for Passover. Truthfully, I would eat it again, but a couple of corn tortillas are way easier to manage. Not surprisingly, everything crumbles and while it tasted delicious, it was a mess by the end.

matzah tostada 2

What is your favorite Passover recipe? Let me know in the comments below!


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