A DIY Science Fair Project: Inside an Asetroid

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It is science fair season! While that is not something we are currently tackling with my 7 year old, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a great excuse for a DIY project! I even let my preschool children get in on this project and I love the way it came out! I thought it would be fun to make a model of an asteroid so we went with a model of the Ceres asteroid as it was the first one to be discovered and big enough that they thought it might be a planet at first. Check it out!

inside an astroid


inside and astroid 2

To start, I wanted to make a cut out section so you could see inside the asteroid. I cut about a sixth of the foam ball away and also took a small piece off the bottom so it would sit flat.

inside and astroid 3

Next I made the craters, I have metal measuring spoons that worked great for this and I had a number of sizes that I was able to use to make different sized craters. A melon-baller would also work great for this if your measuring spoons won’t do the job.

inside an astroid 4

Once you have the basic shape and divots, it is time to paper mache! I knew the kids would love this process so I brought it to work to get their help. Instead of newspaper, I used the packing paper that came in the box from FloraCraft this month and it worked perfectly. The glue to water ratio is about 1:1 and I simply dipped each strip in the glue and water and then smoothed it on the surface of the ball. For the holes, I made smaller pieces and made sure they were very pliable to form to the divot.

inside an astroid 8

After the ball was completely covered, we let it dry outside in the sun.

inside an astroid 9

Next came painting which the kids also got to do with a small piece of cut sponge. I mixed a few different shades of gray with the black and white paint and we dabbed away until the outside was completely covered.

inside an astroid 10

inside an astroid 12

I did the inside with my daughter’s help when I got home and I wanted the rocky inner core to be a thicker paint so I put some of the FloraCraft Diamond Dust in the brown paint to make a coarser texture. It worked great!

inside an astroid 13

As for the water and ice layer, we painted on the light blue paint or you could mix your blue with white paint to get the right color. I am sure you could have probably figured that one out, just call me Mrs. States-the-Obvious.

inside an astroid 14

While the paint was still wet, I quickly sprinkled Diamond Dust on top to get a shimmery, icy look.

inside an astroid 15

Once it all dries, you are done! It looks pretty cool and is a great 3D representation of the Ceres Asteroid. The best part? This is easy enough for a bigger kid to do on their own, that is if you are the type of parent that can let go of control a bit (I have a super hard time with that one).

inside an astroid 16

What was your favorite science fair project? Let me know in the comments below!


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