D’lish Donut Shopkin Cake

The little Miss had her birthday yesterday and for the family party I let her have free choice for cake theme. Not surprisingly, she chose Shopkins and also not surprisingly, I said of course! Why? Because all these cake videos on Facebook have me thinking I can do things- they make it look so “easy”. So I went down to Joanns and for a small fortune, this is what I came up with, not too shabby, but I think I will keep my day job… for now.

shopkin cake

I am not sharing a tutorial because I pretty much followed THIS ONE from Creative Cakes by Sharon on YouTube. The only difference was I did a buttercream with some brown food coloring for the donut part instead of a light brown fondant under the pink fondant. Mostly this decision came because they didn’t have a pre-made beige fondant at Joanns and I wasn’t going to try to mix that color from white. I am sure it is possible and easy since I had the nice gel food coloring but it was an extra step I wasn’t willing to take on… this time.

shopkins cake 2

I am thrilled with how it came out and will certainly be doing more of this in the future. Even though I may have traded in my retirement for the supplies, all of the items I purchased had a good amount left over for future endeavors so it was a good investment. Now, I have to come up with a rock star/karaoke  themed cake for her party! If you have an ideas, let me know in the comments below!

shopkin donut 3


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