Rustic & Gold Table Scape

The last part of 2016 was a blur and I would love to mean that in a way that was even remotely good… but I don’t. Because of that, I fell off a bit with the blogging and even though I was doing crafty things (my therapy) and photographing them, I never quite got all the way to the computer to share them here. I was in love with my Thanksgiving table scape this year and even though it is January, I had to take a second to share this fun marriage between rustic wood flower boxes and all thingsĀ  gold.


It all started with one of those pre-cut flower stacks I picked up at Joanns, I know that I have a Cricut and pre-cut stacks will not replace cutting my own flowers, but this was a nice shortcut right before Thanksgiving. I loved the purple and dark pink flowers and the shimmery paper- they were amazing with my stained wood boxes I built for Sukkot centerpieces this year. I added Make It: Fun foam inside the top of the boxes and clustered the flowers together and added leaves around the sides to create some of my favorite paper flower centerpieces to date.


To accent those flowers I used my gold chargers, gold candles and cranberries around the table. I love when cranberries are on sale because they can be used so many ways for tables and decorating. They also look great floating in vases of water with candles on top, another one of my favorites.


The last part (besides the obvious plates and utensils) were my menus which I created using the writing feature on my Cricut Explore. I added in all our dishes and designed it in Design Space and used a couple different colors to write before it cut it out in a circle that perfectly fit the plate. It was so easy that I may have to start making menus for all our holiday dinners and dinner parties!


I loved how everything came out and the colors were so fun and a twist on the fall hues I normally use. Because it was Thanksgiving, after all, it would only be appropriate to also share at least one shot of the food. Naturally.




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