Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Sometimes in life, you need something sweet. Other times, you need something sweet, now. The last week has been pretty rough so I was leaning more towards the second option this weekend and came up with these amazing cinnamon roll waffles. They were pretty amazing, but really, how could they not be?


It was beyond easy, all I used were refrigerated biscuits. They even come with their own icing for the ultimate in ‘lazy baking’.


I placed one in the middle of the waffle iron because I wanted them to still be round because that is how my OCD works, but if you are really in a rush you could place four, one in each quarter, on your waffle maker at one time.


Just cook them until the light turns green, add your icing and stack in a pinterest worthy pile on your favorite Pioneer Woman plate. Then, enjoy!



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