Hanukkiah String Art

It is the holiday season! I love this time of year and when it comes to decorating for Hanukkah, most decorations have to be handmade. I am in love with this fun and easy string art I put together in about an hour and with materials I had on hand! I have always loved string art but breaking out the hammer is not always an option after the kids are in bed so this Make It Fun Foam version is perfect! Check out how easy it was!


It all started with a half inch sheet of foam cut to 12×14 inches, or a couple inches larger than the image of your choice. I also used some teal fabric, a hanukkiah shape I cut from scrap paper using my Cricut and 3/4 inch pins.


First, I wrapped the fabric around the foam and pinned first in the middles and then on the corners. You can trim off the excess fabric if you are going to hang your finished product on the wall.


Next, I centered the hanukkiah template on the fabric covered foam and started placing the pins around the outside about a half inch apart.


Once the whole perimeter is covered in pins, I carefully removed the template.


The last step is to take your embroidery floss and tie it around one of the pins and then wrap each one of the pins, one at a time, and work your way around the whole shape.


I love the way it came out and it would be so easy to do with any shape that works for your decor this holiday season. In fact, I enjoyed making this so much, I hung this one in my YouTube space at my house and I made another one with yellow string to match my classroom, that one is in the first picture. I am pretty sure I will have one of these for every holiday soon!


This idea came from the Make It: Fun Free Holiday E-Book where they used a snowflake and there are tons more great ideas just waiting to be DIY-ed! Make sure to check it out today!



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