Fall Brunch

Pumpkins, leaves, cranberries, burlap, rustic wood, all these things are some of my favorites to incorporate into a tablescape so it is not surprising that I love a fall table. Not only does it incorporate some of my favorites, it is so easy to put together on a whim. We recently had a quick and easy brunch this last weekend and truthfully, I even shocked myself with how quick and seamlessly this came together! I think it is a combination of easy recipes, a good stock of table decor resources and lots of experience, but mostly the first two. Here is a brunch I put together, cooking and all, in two hours!


It is simple and pretty and was a really pleasant way to spend a Sunday morning, one where I actually didn’t have to go to work! With Thanksgiving coming up, I didn’t want to use any my ideas for that and I didn’t want to spend more money (since I have been hemorrhaging money for the big meal) so I walked around the garage and pulled a lot of resources from past holidays. It all started with some brown table cloths and my normal place settings. Have clear glasses and white plates is very helpful because it matches everything. I added my metal pumpkins I picked up for a few dollars on clearance at Vons of all places and paired it with my clearance vases that I also grabbed at Vons (seriously, keep an eye out on their floral department clearance, you can get great deals!) for just a couple of dollars. I grabbed fall spider mums that were the perfect color and were on sale as well as a bag of cranberries to scatter around. Since there were only a few dishes, I set them up down the table family style.


We had french toast casserole (you can type it in to the search bar on the right if you would like to know my recipe) with a loaf of challah I made the night before. I even made it in the fancy dishes since I sat it on the table on some hot pads.


We also had a simple spinach and mushroom (and cheese, of course) fritata and I made them in my cast iron since I love using those lately. Those sat on 3 small mason jars after they cooled for a bit so they would sit just above the plates and fit nicely. I also had a couple of bottles of orange juice and some fruit out for guests to add to their plates.


In the end it all came together really quickly and was a sweet and simple tablescape. What are your go to resources for parties? Let me know in the comments below!


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