Office Gallery Wall

I am always checking out the clearance sections at craft stores because you never know what you will find and on two different trips a few weeks ago I found some fun glittery symbols. Being a blogger, when I saw a giant gold “#” I had to have it! Then, on another trip I saw the giant “@” that matched it and I picked it up as well because they were both $4 from $20! Score! While I knew I had to have them, I haven’t been able to figure out a place in my craft room that they would fit- until I thought beyond the craft room! The area around my desk has a small wall that has been quite plain, until this recent makeover that is! Check it out!

office gallery wall

Here is what it looked like before, so very blah.

office gallery wall 2

I like that shelf but it was just floating there and I didn’t have anything in or on it so it didn’t have a purpose, so I took it down and will find another place for it. I thought a couple of smaller ledge shelves would be a simple and fun way to balance the gold signs.¬† I shared how to make them in my bathroom makeover and you can check that out HERE. They are beyond easy to put together and I make these two and a longer one in under 15 minutes and with wood I had in my garage. That is my favorite kind of budget and time frame!

office gallery wall 6

When it comes to what to put on the shelf, I thought I would head straight to pinterest and fine a few fun free printables! The “eat, sleep, craft, repeat” & “craftiness is happiness” printables came from the Plaid Palette, the “I blog because I am not a good rapper”came from¬† Hip to Home and the get stuff done came from Eighteen25.

office gallery wall 3

I liked the look of just the printables on the shelf, but I wanted them to be a little sturdier so I printed them on cardstock and then ran them through my laminator.

office gallery wall 4

In the end I am so happy with how it turned out and it is the perfect addition to my workplace! Gold, glitter, watercolor, white shelves and quotes, it has all the things I find fun and inspiring! Do you personalize your workspace? Let me know in the comments below!

office gallery wall 5



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