Shabby Chic Tablescape

I watch a lot of Fixer Upper, I am sure you can relate. I love all the rustic mixed with soft and industrial all done at the same time in just the right way. That is partially what inspired my dinning room table redo and since then I have having a blast decorating without having to worry about find a tablecloth. This shabby chic tablescape is by far my favorite, the doilies, the wood, the burlap, all of it! Plus it is easy enough to put together that anyone can do it faster than you think!

shabby chic tablescape

It all starts with these doily wrapped foam cones from Make It Fun Crafts. I gathered up many different sizes to create visual interest, a stack of paper doilies, scissors and some pearl head pins an got to work!

shabby chic tablescape 2

To start, I took the scissors and cut off the edge around  a dozen or so doilies, you can save the middles or toss them. That is up to your personal relationship with scrap craft materials.

shabby chic tablescape 3

Then it is simple, pin one end of the doily strip at the bottom of the cone and start wrapping it around the base, working your way up to the top.

shabby chic tablescape 4

Once on piece is finished, I take another strip, overland pin both at the same time into the cone.

shabby chic tablescape 5

They come together really quickly and then you can start putting them together on the table!

shabby chic tablescape 6

I put a simple strip of burlap on the table and starting placing the doily covered cones on top.

shabby chic tablescape 7

To finish it all off, I picked up some baby’s breath, trimmed it down and tucked it between and around the cones.

shabby chic tablescape 9

I went with standard white napkins, my Pioneer Woman plates and bowls, silverware and stemless wine glasses to finish off the table. The place markers were simple wood discs that I used my wood burning tool to burn initials in each one.

shabby chic tablescape 10

So much fun and would be great for a simple dinner party for any occasion but easy enough to do down a 20 foot banquet table for a holiday, summer wedding or shower! What is your favorite part? Let me know in the comments below!

shabby chic tablescape 11


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