Seder 2016 Springtime Tablescape

I am back with another fun and bright tablescape for you all today! Passover is 8 days but you are supposed to do a Seder the first two nights and the last night. Now, I will be honest that rarely am I actually able to get myself together and do two but this year it happened and it was awesome! You saw the first tablescape that I did for the one that I co-hosted with my friend yesterday (check out the blue and white tablescape) and this is the one that I hosted for our family and some friends at our house! I went with one of my favorite styles of a little rustic and a little girly because I just like it and it always turns out great!

seder 2016 12 1

Again, for the tablecloth I went with one of my favorite affordable ideas, wrapping paper. You can find it in a million patterns and usually can do around two tables at least with one roll so it is a great deal. In this case I found some fun packing paper that had polka dots on it, love! it went great with the pink and purple mini carnations I picked up and put in mason jars with lemons. So simple but added a bright touch on the table. I also like to use elements of the Seder as additional centerpieces by just placing romaine, parsley and green onions in mason jars down the table. Useful and beautiful!

seder 2016 11

I also added doilies to this tablescapes as I did in the one linked above but it is just such an easy touch and I have thousands whereas I don’t have that many chargers on hand. I used my trusty stemless wine glasses from the Dollar Tree and disposable utensils. I had the silver kind on their way but they literally arrived on my doorstep during dinner.

seder 2016 14

I feel like I have things down to a formula when it comes to setting tables because it is getting easier and easier and there is virtually no stress at this point and many times I just start incorporating things that we have on hand. Tablecloths (or table papers as it would be in this case), chargers and centerpieces can really go a long way to upgrade a table!

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What are your secrets to creating fun and memorable tablescapes? Let me know in the comments below!

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