Nail Polish Marble Painted Mugs

I shared one of my new favorite affordable gift or party favor ideas about a month ago in Avery’s Slumber Party post- marble painted coffee mugs! They come out so cool, are quick to make, only cost around a dollar, which is my kind of price. Today, I thought I would share just how easy they are to make- you have to try it!

marble painted coffee mugs

All you need are some nail polish colors that work well together, I grabbed them 3 for a dollar on sale at Walgreens, a tub, some water and a mug. I like the ceramic ones from Dollar Tree but any plain mug should work well. As for the tub of water, you want it to be just a bit deeper then the size of your design. If you want your marbling to go half way up the mug, then make the water just deeper than half way up your mug.

marble painted coffee mugs 2

First, you just want to open up your nail polish and pour it over the water, layering until you like your design. If you want you can use a tooth pick to swirl but I didn’t and loved the way this one came out.

marble painted coffee mugs 3

Next, and you should work quickly, all you want to do is take your mug and dip it in the water. It really is that easy.

marble painted coffee mugs 4

You can roll it around to make sure it gets covered on all sides until you like the design.

marble painted coffee mugs 5

Then it just needs to dry on a rack and it is done! They are hand wash only and should not be put in the microwave but other than that, they last pretty well and I have been using mine for weeks and it still looks the same as it did when I made it!

marble painted coffee mugs 6

Do you have a favorite coffee mug? Tell me about it in the comments below!

marble painted coffee mugs 7

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