Trefoil Cookie Butter

On day 5 of Girl Scout Cookie week, I had to do a spin on one of my favorite treats, cookie butter. If you have not heard of this stuff, you need to, unless you are trying to watch what you eat. It is not doing you any favors getting you to your fitness goals. But it is a delicious treat, check out Trefoil cookie butter.

trefoil cookie butter

It all starts with one sleeve of Trefoils and your food processor, my mini one worked great.

trefoil cookie butter 2

I ground the Trefoils until they got to a powder then I added 2 tbsps of brown sugar, and then 2 tsp of oil and 2 tsp of milk, one at a time and alternating until I got to this consistency.

trefoil cookie butter 3

If you need to add another tsp of milk you can, but once you are done you can store in a jar in the fridge and enjoy on crackers, sandwiches, or even Trefoils themselves!

trefoil cookie butter 4


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