Thin Mint Milkshake

Alright friends, we are on day two of our Girl Scout Cookies recipe series! Today is the ever popular Thin Mint and you know that these had to be a milkshake because there is literally not much better than a Thin Mint milkshake! Plus it is as easy as it is awesome because there are only two ingredients!

thin mint milkshake

First, of course you have to grab that box of Thin Mints out of your pantry, or if you are like me, your freezer.

thin mint milkshake 2

Then I put about half a container of your favorite ice cream, we like mint chip, and pop it in your blender.

thin mint milkshake 3

Then add between 10 and 12 Thin Mints (or a whole sleeve, I won’t judge) right on top.

thin mint milkshake 5

Then blend it up and enjoy! This is the best way to finish off a booth shift or just a Tuesday!

thin mint milkshake 6

Also, make sure to check out the Savannah Smile Parfait from yesterday!

savannah smile parfait


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