One Day Living Room Makeover!

I am knee deep in a kitchen remodel and it is taking it’s toll! The mess, the dust, the inability to boil water or wash a fork- oy. That is why I needed to distract myself by tackling another room to take my mind off my kitchen and what is the next most popular room in the house? The living room of course! I was joking with my husband that we have lived here for 5 years now, we can start moving in, which to me means adding pictures to the wall. I love the way this room came out with only one day of work! I needed some immediate gratification in my home and this surely did the trick!

living room makeover

Let’s take a look at the before and after comparison first, shall we?

living room makeover 3

UGH, am I right?! The before was BLAH and the after is a nicely put together space that just feels more comfortable and welcoming. It all started with the new pillow covers that you could see in the before, I loved that they were bright and added some color to a big brown couch. I wanted to pull from there to get my inspiration and next up was a new carpet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Ravaging bound carpet I got from Mohawk, it is an amazing ocean blue (actual name is Soulful) that perfectly matches some of the blue accents in the patterned pillow. Plus the subtle herring bone pattern lets me mix textures like I know what I’m doing! I also can’t forget that this is a SmartStrand Forever Clean Carpet which means it is the toughest yet easiest to clean carpet on the planet- which let me tell you, couldn’t be more perfect for my home! And they have an Anniversary Sale going on now so if you click here you can get all the details on how to get $500 off select SmartStrand carpet and ArmorMax hardwood, or 50% off select styles of SmartStrand and Wear-Dated carpet for your own home! Or you could do what I did and get any of their amazing carpet options bound to use as an accent as well!

living room makeover 10

Before I put this amazing carpet down, I had to give a full clean to the couch as in vacuuming inside, under and all around. Plus having all the cushions off the couch made it much easier to get the carpet placed perfectly.

living room makeover 4

Once the bottom half of the room was situated, I got to work on the mini gallery wall above the couch. I went shopping around my house to gather a bunch of items to put together and arranged and rearranged until I got a configuration I was happy with. The arrow I actually built for this set up and painted green to again pull in the colors from the pillows. Then I pulled out a piece of butcher paper and added all the components and traced their placement. It is important to make sure that everything is straight during this process because the paper becomes the template, you also want to mark where the hanging part of each item is so you know where to place the nails.

living room makeover 5

Then I taped that on the wall with some painter’s tape and it made it beyond easy to add nails exactly where I needed them, and I just nailed through the paper and it was easy to tear off the wall once I was done.

living room makeover 6

Lastly, I just added all my pieces to the wall and I was done! This was an easy afternoon of work and I have a revitalized space!

living room makeover 9

Also, because Avery LOVES coloring almost as much as I love an easy room makeover, I added a little art supply caddy to the middle of the coffee table to corral all the items that are normally thrown about the table on a normal day anyways. Plus every room needs a touch of gold!

living room makeover 12

Did you know it get’s even better? Mohawk is hosting a huge sweepstakes from 10/1 all the way through 10/16 and all you have to do to grab all the details is stay up to date with them on social media! How easy is that?

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Thank you to Mohawk for hooking me up with this AMAZING bound carpet for my makeover!

living room makeover 11


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