Free Printable Kindergarten Sight Words Play Dough Mats

I have another free printable for you all today! This is not a set of birthday party printables but it could be a fun way for your kindergartner to practice their sight words! At Avery’s school the sight words are called rainbow words and are separated into groups of 8-12 words and each given a color. As they work through one color and test out of it, they are given the next color set of words. It starts with red and throughout the year we will work our way to purple and there are 65 words in all.

play dough mats free printable

Because that is how Avery will use them this year, I have separated them by color lists that her teacher gave me, but anyone should find these useful. I have PDF sets below this picture for each color and have shared the words that are in each set for your reference. These work best if you print them out, laminate them with one of those convenient home laminating machines and then the children can make play dough snakes to form the letters and use a dry erase marker to trace the word on the left and then write it on their own on the right.

play dough mats 2

I hope you find these helpful! Click the links below to get the PDFs!

Rainbow Words Red Words (Sight Words Set 1)  – I, see, like, me, the, and, a, my

Rainbow Words Orange Words (Sight Words Set 2) – can, in, to, look, is, on, are, you

Rainbow Words Yellow Words (Sight Words Set 3) -it, at, all, of, we, so, she, here

Rainbow Words Green Words (Sight Words Set 4) -have, with, go, they, come, am, said, up

Rainbow Words Blue Words (Sight Words Set 5) -be, for, that, were, friend, your, not, do will, make

Rainbow Words Pink Words (Sight Words Set 6) -because, little, want, this, yes, no, went, about, could, had

Rainbow Words Purple Words (Sight Words Set 7) – many, they, where, into, he, when, was, her, get, play, then, out, saw




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