Rainbow Coffee Filter Wreath

It is rainbow week at the preschool and that means a new wreath for my door! For this one I went with a traditional coffee filter wreath I have made a million times and jazzed it up with some liquid water colors! I love how it came out and the kids could even help me with this one!

rainbow coffee filter wreath

It all started with these awesome liquid watercolors, you want the ones that come in a bottle like this rather than the old school solid ovals in the small plastic case.

rainbow coffee filter wreath 3

I put some in small squirt bottles and diluted with a 1:1 ratio.

rainbow coffee filter wreath 2

Then you just get to spraying! Start with one color and keep adding and switching until you get the look you want!

rainbow coffee filter wreath 4

It is so fun to watch this come together and it is a fun, new, interactive take on a rainbow wreath!

rainbow coffee filter wreath 5

I hope you like this one and make sure to check back tomorrow for more fun rainbow week ideas!


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