Painting the Roses Red Photo Backdrop

Yay! More Alice in Wonderland fun! Today I am sharing the backdrop we made for the photo area. For this section the first thing that came to mind was the part of the movie where the cards painted the roses red, I thought this would be such a fun backdrop! It was a ton of work, but I love the way it came out in the end!


I created it in pieces because I thought that it would be easier to transport and store this way so I built it on 9 pieces of poster board that I grabbed two for a dollar at the dollar store.

tea party ideas 7

I made the roses that I shared in this post, but I used white cardstock so I could paint them red and get that ‘just been painted’ effect. Then I cut thousands of leaves from various shades of green paper, creased them in half and then glued them all around the flowers. I put 9 to 12 roses on each poster board first and then filled in the leaves all around them going in every direction.

tea party decor 6

I am not going to lie, and I am for sure going to repeat myself, these take FOREVER! But they looked so great in the end and had such a fun impact on the party.  Even better are the little card photo props made by the director out of the trifold poster board. She didn’t even use a Cricut for these!

tea party decor 5

Make sure you come back tomorrow to check out the last post that brings it all together!


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