DIY Milk Crate Bench

You know how this one started… so I had this wild idea while cleaning out the shed on the playground at the preschool.  At least that is how it started anyways. Once we were done cleaning out the shed, we had a number of empty milk crates left over and it was the next day that I looked at them and thought “bench!”. So I grabbed some zip ties and go to work and this is what came from that wild idea!

diy bench seating

Not too shabby, right?! I had zip tied the whole thing together and found a space for it Friday, then I created the seats and picked up everything else over the weekend and finished it off on Monday. First I put the whole bench on some butcher paper so I could spray paint the sides.
diy bench seating 2

Because the fabric I went with was a bright teal color, I thought it would be nice if the bench was white so I went with a Gloss white from Rustoleum- my go to paint.

diy bench seating 3

After a couple of coats and letting it dry (the hardest part for this impatient crafter) I was ready to add the seat. For this I went ahead and put the bench on it’s side and I was able to take the zip ties that I attached to the bench seats and attach them to the crates. Find out more about that in this post –> here.

diy bench seating 4

Here is a close up of how they are attached to the bottom with the zip ties:

diy bench seating 5



Once it was all attached, I moved it into the corner and it was done! Well, almost.

diy bench seating 6

It of course needed some more work than just that! I added a faux grass carpet in the front and simple little table with a basket of books. What a fun space- right? The kids have loved it!

diy bench seating 7Ahh, much better!



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2 Responses to DIY Milk Crate Bench

  1. Johanna Saylor April 6, 2015 at 9:16 am #

    This is so great! I’m amazed how you can make beautiful things out of nothing.

    • April 9, 2015 at 9:40 pm #

      Love your face girl!