The Ultimate Ice Cream Sandwich

I was provided with the ice cream for this post but all opinions and ideas are my own.

Treats are nice, especially cold treats, especially cold treats on 100 degree days. This is how hot it was when I came home to a box full of ice cream on my door step and turned it into this:

ice cream sandwich

The fine people at Choctal asked me if I would like to sample their specialty ice creams- how could a girl say no? I know I am watching what I am eating but a bite here and there (IĀ  promise, it really is just a bite!) can’t hurt. Especially flavors like these! Check out these vanillas:

ice cream sandwich 2

And the chocolates, have you ever seen such a thing?? YUM!

ice cream sandwich 3

Avery wanted a fun treat after a long hot day so I thought I would put together these for her and Scott. It was Friday afternoon- they had earned it! I started with two cookies (from the bakery section of the store) that were about the size of the adorable little containers.

ice cream sandwich 4

Then I grabbed my serrated knife and cut off a half inch slice- yup, right through the container. You want them as frozenĀ  and hard as possible for this. If you are careful- you can get 3 slices out of each small container.

ice cream sandwich 5

Then all I had to do was put them between the cookies- does it get any better? Sure, if you add cookies and cream sprinkles around the edges! I would have been happy with just the ice cream, it was that good, but Avery likes the sprinkles so I added them.

ice cream sandwich 6

There you go! This would be perfect for a dinner party because you could prep it in advance and the ice creams are so high end it makes it much fancier. You could even make some higher end cookies or pick them up from a bakery and really take it over the top!

ice cream sandwich 8


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