PVC Pipe Chair Tutorial

I am back with another PVC pipe project! I have said it before, but I will say it again, this stuff is so awesome because it is super affordable and the possibilities are endless! Today I am going to share a cute kid’s chair tutorial with you all!

pvc pipe chair tutorial

Isn’t it fun? These are on my toddler playground but the have seemed to work great with all the preschoolers throughout the week. Here is the collage for how to put together the chair and I will list the steps below.

pvc pipe chair tutorial 5

  1. I purchased, for two chairs,  (2) 10 foot pieces of 3/4 inch PVC pipe, (16) 3/4 inch elbow connectors & (12) 3/4 inch “T” connectors (they usually have bulk bags available to make it more affordable. From this I cut (9) 10 inch long pieces, (4) 5 inch long pieces, (2) 3 inch long pieces and (2) 7 inch long pieces.
  2. I started with the back of the chair, at the top you will put 2 elbows on either end of a 10 inch piece. Next attach to more 10 inch pieces into each elbow. To those pieces add a “T” connector to each one, facing outwards. Then add 2 of the five inch pieces, two “T” connectors facing inward, 2 more 5 inch pieces and then to elbows facing up.
  3. To the “T” connectors that are facing up, add 1o inch pieces followed by elbows facing down, also add 10 inch pieces to the elbows at the bottom that are also facing up.
  4. To the elbow pieces, add the 3 inch pieces followed by “T” connectors facing inward. On the bottom of the “T” connectors add the 7 inch pieces.
  5. Lastly, add elbows to where the bottom pieces meet and then add the last 10 inch piece to connect the sides into the “T” connectors.

After the chair gets put together, it is time to make the seat, I used fabric that I had on hand and it worked perfect, I figure about a yard should get you both seats with some to spare. Here is that picture collage with the directions to follow.

pvc pipe chair tutorial 3

  1. First I cut the fabric, I cut mine to 12 inches by 40 inches and you need 4 pieces (2 for each chair). I made two sets and had the fabric right sides together. I sewed them together pillow style all around the edges only leaving a 6 inch opening on one side to flip it right side out.
  2. After it was flipped right side out, I folded in the opening and stitched around the whole edge of the sat to give a more finished look and more secure seams.
  3. Once it is one flat sewn piece, I folded each side over (measure it on the chair) about 5 inches and sewed a large pocket to slip over the pipe.
  4. Lastly, since these chairs are outdoors, I gave them a couple of coats of Thompson’s FabricSeal (this stuff is SOOOO amazing, water just beads right off and there is some added sun protection for the fabric- wonderful!)

Once all that was complete, all I had to do is slide it on the chairs! After I put it on, I put extra pressure on to make sure all the pipes had a tight fit so the chair was stable. You could also use the PVC pipe glue but mine have been doing great without it.

pvc pipe chair tutorial 4

Aren’t they fun for a little reading area?! One of the teachers also pointed out that they would be great for camping trips to because you could take them apart and then put them together on sight.

pvc pipe chair tutorial 2


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