{Easy to Hang} DIY Height Chart

Of course like every other mom, I have had a height chart most of Avery’s life. But the last one as made of wood and and rather annoying to hang with all the holes and drywall screws and blah blah blah. I wanted to create a new more neutral height chart (the last one was a giraffe and we have already grown out of that) but with hanging ease at the forefront of the design. You know what my secret is? Check it out, can you tell?


Foam! I made this height chart out of {2} 12×36 pieces of Styrofoam from Flora Craft! You know what that means right? This thing is hung with command strips! No holes, no drills, nothing, plus that means it is perfect for renters too! First, let’s start with the foam, and then I will share the fabulous product that turned this from the rough Styrofoam surface to a smooth paint-able one. Before I started, I cut 3 inches off of the side of the pieces so that my foam was now 9×12, I thought this as a better size for the height chart. You can use a knife, craft knife or foam cutter, whatever you have on hand.


Once it was cut to size, it was time to break out the Smooth Finish that is also from Flora Craft. This is the secret to working with foam and just opens up the possibilities. Also, it is as easy to apply as icing (actually easier) and you just spread it on in small sections. I used 3 thin coats to get my final, more rustic end product. I love how it turned out though.


Once the foam is dry, it is now a surface that is easy to paint, draw and glue onto which we all know are three things that are not easy to do to traditional foam. I chose a turquoise color and because of the great coverage of the Smooth Finish, I only needed one good coat.


After the paint was dry, I broke out the ruler and made tick marks, one inch apart, all the way up the side of each piece with a white paint marker. Then, 6 inches from the bottom, I made that mark a bit bigger to start marking the foot increments. I started with the bottom at 6 because that gave me some space to hang, in my case, 6 inches off the ground. For my numbers I used vinyl letters and then I grabbed some white chipboard letters to write Avery’s first and middle name on the side. Lastly, all I had to do was transfer some of the old measurements onto the new chart! Hint, if you don’t have any old measurements, this stuff is taken at your well child visits so the next time you are at the doctor, they usually give you a sheet that shows all their stats.


When I was filling in the old heights, I realized I needed a current measurement, so of courseĀ  I had to pop Avery right in front and I think it will work quite nicely for a while in our home!



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