$4 DIY Garden Boxes

It is Spring!! Well, almost, but for Southern California, we really didn’t ever get winter this year. I know my complaining about the weather is going to get me some dirty looks with the whole other half o the US dealing with the Polar Vortex, but 90 degrees in January isn’t pleasant either. Plus, what does that mean for our Summer?! Anyways, moving on, because Spring is coming, that means gardening and I am so excited about our garden this year! We switched things up by moving the garden to the front yard to solve two problems, one, there was nothing out there and two, the dogs were getting into the garden outside and by moving it, they don’t have any access. As always, things are on a budget and there was the added constraint of super dense soil, so that is where we came up with these:

diy garden boxes

I knew that we would have to do an above ground  garden box but when I looked them up they could be $30 $40 or more! Uh, no, we would need at least 9 and that is waaaaay over budget. Because I got a nail gun for my birthday that I was itching to use anyways, I suggested building some and looked around the store for an affordable cedar and stumbled upon some fence pickets. They were the cheapest way to get the wood I needed in the type I needed so I grabbed 2 per box and at under $2 each, I was much happier with a $4 price point per box. Theses pickets were almost 6 feet tall I believe and they had angled corners at top so all I did was cut off the very top to have a flat edge (about an inch or so) and then I cut the remaining board in half. Then all I had to do was nail them together in a square. And then repeat the process many more times! Couldn’t be easier! Plus they were really quick to put together!

diy garden boxes 2Once they were all made, we sprayed the outside with a water sealer and then the inside with a pruning sealer. This stuff is used when trees are pruned to prevent further growth and we picked it because it wouldn’t but anything dangerous into the soil since we would be planting veggies in these. This stuff is thick and black and sticky so you might want to wear gloves or be careful with this stuff.

jan 26 2014 004

Then they were ready to be placed! We lined the bottom with weed block and then filled in with soil, the 3 cubic feat bag fits perfectly in this 3×3 foot box.

diy garden boxes 4

Then get your plant on! This is our garden about 6 weeks in, things are growing great and we planted some clover and other ground cover that should only get to about 4 inches all around the boxes. We also added some manure (smelly but affordable) all over the top to give the seeds something to root to- they are all growing in slowly but surely! I can’t wait until we start reaping the rewards!

diy garden boxes 6


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