Pre-Made Smoothie Kits {Save Time & Money}

I really much prefer smoothies for breakfast, eating something just gives me too heavy of a feeling that throws me off. But, on busy mornings, I don’t always have the time to put them together.

That is where these kits come in, they save a ton of time by having most of the fruits already together, but they also saved me money and helped me eliminate some wastefulness!


smoothie kits


Each week I of course stock up on produce, but sometimes I don’t get to it all or some of the fruit is a little too tart to enjoy. So this last weekend, after I went shopping, I cleaned out the fridge of some fruit and veggies from last week that I really wouldn’t eat in meals this week, but they weren’t completely bad yet. That is when I thought they would be perfect for the kits! For this last week, I had a bag of spinach, some shredded carrot, plums, cantaloupe, and strawberries. I cut them all up and put them in a bowl to mix together, I can’t believe all this produce is only three days of smoothies (enough for a smoothie for me and Wade and a little one for Avery). Then I put them in vacuum bags, because I had them available, you could just use freezer bags too. But I was having fun with the vacuum sealer. Then I just sealed them, dated them and popped them in the freezer.




When it came to the morning, I threw a banana in my blender with some yogurt, superfoods, and coconut milk and broke up up the frozen kit and blended it up! It was great! Then I threw them in mommy and me mason jars ( I just used my crop-a-dile to make a hole for the straw in the lid) and we were on our way!




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  1. genevieve August 7, 2013 at 1:38 am #

    Hi Michelle, my name is: Genevieve and I work the Lemon Grove site with Wade for ECO. he actually came to my art class ive created for our consumers. I was telling him ive taught art, & ceramics for a few schools in R.S.D. some years back. that its very different trying to come up with age appropriate ideas for our guys. Thats when he told me what you do. we are on a real budgeted, budget!!! i love basic simple projects with everyday items and im running out of ideas. thought you might SHARE? shoot me any ideas via email if you can. Thanks, Gen