Angry Birds Tablescape

A couple of weeks ago I made dinner for my hubby and my father in law for their birthdays. For the record, I made them ribs. Do you know how long it takes to make ribs? I was making dinner for literally half of the day. Just saying. But while I was making dinner, I came up with the idea to do an Angry Birds table for fun. Wade is always playing that game and the bonus is Avery is quite the fan as well so she had fun playing with everything after dinner.

You won’t believe the things I found around my house to put this together!!

First, I put out the table and cloth. Then of course you need some kind of structure for the pigs to be on, under and around. For this I went through the garage and grabbed some scrap wood. The I just arranged it on the center of the table.

That soon turned into this!

I used paper cones to make all the different colored birds. It is all just cut paper and the magic of the internet to show me the different features for each bird. I am not avid enough at this game to just know these things.

Before dinner I had run to the store to get some last minute present stuff and found a couple fun and cheap little Angry Bird things to add like the little shooters next to this bird and the napkins.

You can see the back of my piggies here, you won’t believe what they are.

 Faux apples!

No joke! I have said before that you always need to keep an eye out for things in the floral department of your grocery store because that stuff occasionally goes 90% off. I found some vase filler for $1.20 marked down from $11.99, I bought them all naturally.  All 6 boxes. The green apples, minus their stems, made perfect little pigs for my table with the help of googly eyes and card stock.

All in all I think it came out great! Wade laughed when he got home and Avery is still playing with all the pieces!

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