Command Center Revamp

I know have been doing more organizing than normal lately but I tell you what, there is something to be said about the look of an organized space.

I know I for sure have major hints of OCD but I can almost feel my heart beat a little faster at the sight of disorganization and I for sure can’t concentrate as well in chaos. Also this time of year I start my fall cleaning and I am making it a little more fun by making spaces not only more useful but more aesthetically pleasing as well.

Take my command center for example, it worked, I have shared a a few posts about different ideas HERE,  a magnet menu plan HERE and HERE, and a weekly bulletin board and chore chart HERE but I thought it could be more useful, so I revamped it a bit. As you know families evolve and now that Avery is getting older, there is just more stuff to take into consideration.

Unfortunately I am not able to get a shot of the whole wall because of the angle and small space in the kitchen but here is a pretty good idea of what it looks like top to bottom after the weekend makeover…

I left the calendar and the two magnet boards on the sides but the canvases I had on the bottom got repurpsed a while ago so I picked up some metal pizza pans from the dollar store and hot glued ribbon on the back to give it a place to hang on the screw that was in the wall. I added a couple of magnets to the left one and I am so excited about my little discovery for the right one.

The magnets for meals were made when we were vegetarians, but we are sell outs and eat meat again so they didn’t really apply, that is when I got the idea to just see if the dry erase marker worked on the pizza pan. Guess what?!!? IT DOES!! I don’t know if this is old news but I pretty much felt like I discovered hot glue when I figured this out so I am excited to share. I transferred the scrabble tile menu to the right pizza pan and then I could just write in my menu plan for the week! WAAHOOO!!!

Then I had grabbed these hooks for a dollar somewhere a while ago with visions of them holding backpacks but I never new where to put them. After experimenting, I found they didn’t really take much space on this wall which was the original concern, that they would stick out too much. But they don’t and it is so nice having them right next to the door so I can pack them at night and they are ready to go in the morning. I wrapped them in washi tape and then colored a chipboard letter with sharpie and hot glued it on.

Remember my knife art from HERE, well the orange didn’t really go so I gave it a blue and turquoise makeover to match the feel of the rest of the command center. This is in the kitchen so that is apparently an acceptable place for a knife sculpture.

It is up there pretty high.

It is so much more useful now I can’t get over it!! YAY! Another area down!!

I also got to work on two adorable pumpkin ideas to share tomorrow and Wednesday! I really want to just post everything today but I am going to experiment with this whole self control thing.

3 Responses to Command Center Revamp

  1. Memoirs of Me & Mine September 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    Super neat! Love that organization!

    New follower:

  2. ImportKt September 11, 2012 at 12:07 am #

    what a cute way to be super functional! love that you had time to personalize some details for your little ones, they’re lucky =) thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Aliferous Express September 11, 2012 at 3:31 am #

    I can totally relate! Neat and orderly make me happy… but when it starts getting the slightest bit cluttered, i ignore it (denial) and it clutters my brain and i don’t accomplish as much. Organizing can be inspirational. YOU GO!!! :)