Sand Art

Way back in one of my first few early childhood classes, my teacher showed us a video of a woman who did sand art on a light table.

It is amazing. Really you should check it out with your kids, I will share one of the videos at the end of this post.

Seeing as how I have a light table at school, I thought I would let my kids explore this sensory experience.

They had a blast! This activity isn’t only texturally interesting, it is visually interesting as well!

To set it up, I put the light table in one of our sensory tubs (cement mixing tub from home depot), this was to catch any sand that would inevitable be brushed off the table by accident or on purpose. This way I didn’t have to stand over them, ruining the experience, saying “please keep the sand on the table” over and over.  Sometimes you have to think ahead and solve a problem that could potentially be frustrating. With the tub under it I just collected all the sand when they were done, win/win!

This is going to be picture heavy because I couldn’t choose my favorites.

This is the exact video I saw in that class so many years ago. She has many others as well, you will totally get caught up in it!


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