Flower {Clip} Pot

I had done a post similar to this before where I made a vase of flowers clips for a friend out of things that I had on hand- you can find that post HERE.

Over the weekend, Avery and I went to a baby shower for my friend who is having a girl and a 2 year old birthday party for one of Avery’s Besties and I made one of these for each of them:

This was what I had in my head when I thought of the other project, but didn’t have the materials for, however this time I was able to pick up everything I needed before hand I was able to execute what was in my head.

If you want to see how I did it, click “Read More!”


  • Flower pot
  • Foam
  • Thin dowels
  • Floral tap
  • Paper shreads
  • The clips, either  bought or homemade, that you want to be the flowers

First I put the foam in the bottom of the flower pot, I bought two packages from the dollar store because I wasn’t sure how much I would need but it turns out I didn’t even use a whole package. I cut one piece in half to be in the bottom of each pot and then added a full piece on top of that. The corners were shaved off a bit as I pressed it into the put until it was flush with the top.

Then I placed the dowels in where I wanted them, rearranging if needed. When I pulled them out, I held them where I would need to start with the floral tape and wrapped around, pulling the tape as I went, you have to stretch it out for it to stick to itself.

Once they were done, I placed them back in the foam.

Added the paper shreds all around (I couldn’t find green).


And clipped the bows on!

I got rave reviews from the recipients and guests so I think it went over pretty well!  Plus, because I made the flowers it was an affordable gift as well!


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One Response to Flower {Clip} Pot

  1. Lindsay April 4, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    This is a really cute little craft! You always make the most adorable little displays!