Fresh Pine Wreath {Guest Post for Passionately Artistic}

I love to make wreaths, but it wasn’t until this year that I took the chance
 and tried to make my own fresh pin wreath- and it worked out great!!

Now, I got this idea when I was picking up my Christmas tree last weekend and they had a large bin of tree cuttings with a big sign that said “FREE” on the outside.

Now, you see, they were speaking my language! So I grabbed a bunch of piece on my way out.

Other than the tree cuttings, you need a frame or wreath form, tree trimming shears, wire cutters and floral wire- I find 22 gauge to be the easiest to work with all around.

I just start in one area and attach a piece I clipped off with a piece of wire (please ignore the fact that this first piece is upside down, you won’t be able to see it in the end). 

I just twisted the piece off a few times in the back as I went and I dealt with all the ends after all the trimmings were attached.

Continue all the way around making sure that you have them all go the same direction.
Don’t worry about the shape, we will give it a hair cut later.

When you get to the last piece, I added one in the opposite direction and then the last one in the correct direction so you fill in the space but keep the flow of the wreat going. Then you get this when you are done:

Yeah, I know, not so much anything we would put on our doors just yet but stay with me :).

Now, flip it over and knot all those little wire pieces, I tried a few different ways of securing the ends but I found by doing this I could tuck the sharp parts in easier than any of the other ways  I tried.

Now, about that hair cut, you just take your trimming shears and cut it down to get the shape you want based on the shape of your form. See, no crazy shape anymore!

I wanted to add a little pennant so I grabbed some scrap book paper and cut one inch strips from a few pages.

Then cut a bunch of little triangles.

Got a pattern going.

And hot glued them onto a piece of ribbon.

I cut it down to make two pieces of the pennant and hot glued them to the back of the frame.

Don’t forget to add your ribbon!

Then hang on the door!!

This is a great addition to your holiday decorating and your guest will be hit with the fresh pine tree scent as soon as they walk in the door!

I hope to see you around Delicate Construction soon and if you become a new follower, please let me know so I can follow you back!!!

One Response to Fresh Pine Wreath {Guest Post for Passionately Artistic}

  1. SueAnn December 11, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial