Seven on Saturday with Kara from Mine for the Making!

Welcome to the very FIRST Seven on Saturday!!

This one is going to be fun! So here is how it works, I find a super interesting, craft and all around awesome blogger and interview them with 7 simple questions! 

We all get to learn about new blogs, share our inspirations and get new ideas to boot!

I could not be more excited about who I have to kick off my first Seven on Saturday… none other than my bloggy bff Kara from Mine for the Making!!

1.     In a couple of sentences, tell us about yourself.
My name is Kara and I am mommy to a spirited and independent 3 year old {Luci} and wife to my high school sweetheart {the Mr.}. I am a third grade teacher turned blog writer, etsy shop owner, craft maker, recipe try-er, bakery/cafe’ owner (which is new on the list). I love reading, music, dancing, organizing, diet coke, salsa, cheesecake, and my chihuahua.
2.     How did you get into blogging?
I decided one day (Jan. 2010) that I needed something for me….a place to “store” my family adventures, classroom ideas, DIY home renovations, and crafts I made. Then I started making friends and following other blogs…I was head over heels from blogland in no time. Blogging has become one of my favorite things to do…it’s a part of me. 
3.    What is your blog about in a nutshell?

In a nutshell? Tutorials, recipes, family, classroom ideas, DIY projects, home renovations, giveaways, decor, frugal finds/projects…

4.    What are your favorite materials/ ingredients/ tools to work with?

Materials? Fabric and vinyl
Ingredients?  anything yummy
Tools? Sewing machine and Silhouette
5.    Where do you find your inspiration?
Blogland, Pottery Barn, Martha Stewart, HGTV… My blog’s tagline is “Saw it. Wanted it. Made it.” That pretty much sums it up. 
6.     What are a couple of your favorite blogs?
Too many favorites to name! You can check out my blogroll for some fun ones to follow if you dont already :)
7.      What are a couple of your favorite past or present projects you have done?
I created a fun Spring Wreath using a dollar store wreath, felt, rhinestones, and ribbon. Really brightens up my door!

With Father’s Day around the corner, I created a couple of printables for those special daddies in our lives.

I also have a PB inspired burlap pillow tutorial for the 4th of July.

I hope you all stop by MFTM and say hi! I love to make new friends and find more inspiration! Thanks for having me Michelle!
Thank you Kara!! Make sure you go check out Mine for the Making!!!
And you should follow her too- you won’t regret it!


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2 Responses to Seven on Saturday with Kara from Mine for the Making!

  1. Emily May 28, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

    I LOVED this blog post. It’s so fun to learn about other blogs out there. I am from “Bits of Everything” and would love to be interviewed as one of your “Seven on Saturdays”.
    Let me know. Thanks! Emily

  2. Kara @ Mine for the Making May 29, 2011 at 5:23 am #

    YAY! I am honored you asked me :)

    I <3 my bloggy bff!

    (I see a printable in the making ^^)