10 New Uses Tuesday- Paint Chips!!

These are H-O-T, HOT in blog land right now!
Paint chips are the new burlap lately so the last time I found myself in Home Depot, I got myself a big ol’ stack of them!
(I have completely painted 2 full houses in the last few years, that is a lot of paint and business. I think it is fair, plus I didn’t grab one of each, there were a ton- that would have been a bit obnoxious.)
Here are 10 ideas of what to do with them!!
1. Divider tabs (Coupon binder and divider tutorial later this week.)
2. Gift tags
3. Memory game, matching, sorting.
Click “Read More” to see more ideas!

4. Collage activities
5. Pennant
7. Color code and label storage boxes
8. Place cards

9. Business card holders (you HAVE got to check out the link for making paint chips into a box to hold your business cards!!) Check out Design Verb for a template to download and step by step instructions!
10. Phonics Activity- great idea for beginning readers!! Check out The Snails Trail for a great tutorial!!
What is your favorite paint chip craft?


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One Response to 10 New Uses Tuesday- Paint Chips!!

  1. Yvonne@StyleBurb May 4, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    Hi Michelle, I am crazy about paint chips! I love your ideas for how to use them- perfect for those of us with home decorating as a hobby!