My First Seder!

It has been such a great day! So many firsts! My first Seder, I made my first brisket (yes, the vegetarian lol, I didn’t have any obviously but everyone else liked it!), I made haroset for the first time AND I made Matzo balls for the first time! I was mostly worried about the last one, I didn’t want them to sink and I was in a rush to make them at the last minute and was SO glad they worked out!! 
Here was my Seder table, this could work for anything really, just a fun Spring table. 
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Yeah, she drew on her face with the orange marker during the Seder lol.

One Response to My First Seder!

  1. Amy April 22, 2011 at 5:54 pm #

    Looks awesome! And oh, I love me some haroset! This year was the first time we actually hosted one too. How did your kids do sitting through the haggadah readings? We used a children’s version and my 2 year old actually hung with us for most of it, especially the songs. :)