Quick and Easy Baby Brag Book

I saw this idea on some TV show, probably a year ago at least, but of course can’t remember which- probably because it was like a year ago lol. Interesting how long ideas stay in my head before I do something with them huh?! I don’t remember the exact details so this is my take on the general idea. Ok so basically this is designed to be a create a quick brag book for a new baby, for all of those kinds of moms (like I will surely be) to keep in their purse and have handy to show anyone that has a spare minute (like the grocery store bagger- jk… but if they ask…) and it comes together rather quickly. Here is what you need, I made one for our friend who is having a boy:

  • 36 page photo album
  • 6 corresponding sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
  • corresponding ribbon
  • couple pages of cream cardstock

The first thing I did was remove the cardboard front and back cover pages and to do this I had to cut through the plastic on the inside near the binding to get it out and then use it as a template to cut from corresponding paper a front and back cover that match.

Now on to the paper, take all 6 sheets and stack them on top of each other and cut them in half so you have two stacks of 6″ strips.

Then take one of the stacks of strips and cut it into three so you have 3 stacks of 4 x 6″ pieces of paper.

Then stack those pieces on top of each other, keeping each separate stack in order (excuse my craft table- it has seen a few projects in it’s day).

Next I took the remaining stack of 6 x 12″ pieces of paper and ran them through my Cricut and made 3 tags on each sheet at 4″. I spread out all the 4 x 6″ cards, keeping them in order, and then put the tags on top of the card I thought they looked best with- the are curled from taking them off the adhesive mat of the Cricut, one of these days I will get that cool tool for taking things off of the mat, maybe then they wouldn’t curl as much.

Next I added the ribbons through the hole of the tags and adhered them to their pages- there are 18 total. Then cut 2 x 2″ squares out of the creme card stock and mount them on the tags.

Now you are ready to add them to the photo album, the first card is for the cover, mount it in the center of the piece of paper you cut for the front cover. And place the rest of the cards with tags on the left or top page depending on the way you are looking at the album.

Then when the mom gets the album, all she will have to do is put a picture of baby on the first page and fill in the rest of the empty pages with pictures from the baby’s first moments and meetings and write in a quick description on the tag on the facing page. I did an example by typing something into photo-shop real quick to show what I meant. Some other ideas are:

  • Baby Meets Daddy
  • Baby Meets Grandma(pa)
  • Baby Meets Aunt ____
  • Baby Meets Uncle _____
  • Baby Comes Home
  • Baby Meets Pets
  • and other family members and friends

Here is a before and after (well I guess after and before because the finished product is on the left).

Cheap, cheerful, quick and easy to make- I believe the album was 2$ and I used leftover papers and ribbon so the only money spent was the couple of dollars, my kind of project. Now I just need to make a girl themed one for me =).


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4 Responses to Quick and Easy Baby Brag Book

  1. Angie S January 29, 2010 at 2:44 am #

    You are so crafty! Love the idea :))

  2. jenjen January 29, 2010 at 4:27 am #

    So cute Michelle – I love the tags!


  3. Mod Podge Amy January 30, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    Very cute!!

  4. Josh and Melinda July 6, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    Awesome idea, duplicated, blogged, and credited