Magnolia Leaf Square Wreath

Some supplies used were given to me in exchange for this post but all thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.

When you have made as many wreaths as I have, and have a “can’t do the same things twice” complex, you start looking at things in new ways. I know that there is a lot going on in the world today and I agree, I have a huge problem with… my empty door. It has been a few weeks since I took the  holiday wreath down and every day, open and close, and nothing. It’s unacceptable, really. So I thought I would finally fix it and with some a little bit different but still just as fun. Check out my new Magnolia Leaf Square Wreath… also, say that 5 times fast.

square wreath

Here is what you need:

It all started with this 12×12 foam board. The possibilities are literally endless and I surely don’t think this will be the last square wreath I make with these foam sheets.

square wreath 2

I looked around my craft room and found a 6×6 box shelf that was the perfect size to be my template for the center of my wreath. If you want to be a little more logical and use a ruler, rock on my friend!

square wreath 5

I traced it with sharpie with the plastic wrap still on and it worked out quite nicely as it didn’t leave any black marks on the foam itself.

square wreath 6

Then I used my foam cutter to simply cut out the middle, beyond easy, even my 7 year old could do it. But I wouldn’t let her because, you know, responsible parenting and all.

square wreath 7

Now that the wreath form is all ready to go, I started cutting my leaves. Of course there are approximately 4,234 ways to do this but I went with an SVG file I downloaded from Lia Griffith because I am pretty much obsessed with that site right now. She is also a fellow Make It: Fun Crafts Team Member so check her out. I am sure Design Space has a similar leaf or you could hand cut these with scissors if you don’t have a cutting machine. Once they are cut, I folded each one in half to add some dimension.

square wreath 3

Next comes the fun part, gluing them all on the wreath form! What I found worked best was not thinking too much about placement. I tried to make a specific pattern and it didn’t work out, once I let go and just started placing them one at a time where they fit, it started coming together quite nicely.

square wreath 8

The paper I used for this was amazing, I made some cake pops for a friend and her mom for no other reason than they get adorably excited by it and my friend surprised me with this gorgeous light pink, light green and copper stack. Here is a picture of the cover.

square wreath 4

I worked my way all around the wreath form in less than one episode of The Mindy Project and was thrilled with the finished product.

square wreath 9

You will have to make sure to come back next month because I got a peek at the box and even I can’t wait to see what this Jewish mama comes up with for that post! Let me know what you favorite show to craft to is in the comments below!

square wreath 10


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