Stay Active and Make Memories this Holiday Season

Alright y’all, it is Halloween. That means that the holidays are officially upon us and tonight starts two months of temptation, sweets, candies and goodies of all sort that threaten our waist lines. But what is a girl to do? You have to indulge a little bit during the holidays and most importantly there are all the great family dinners and get togethers! Ahhh!! But, I have your back, I found something that is fun, active, a great way to make memories and on top of all of that- a fabulous gift idea!

#justdance2015 #cgc

Are you wondering what I am talking about that can do and be all of these amazing things? Why Just Dance 2015 of course! This is one of those games that starts with the kids and ends with a weirdly competitive, but really just hilarious, adult addition. Plus, besides getting everyone moving, laughing and having fun, Ubisoft has partnered with Stomp Out the Bullying to bring awareness to National Bullying Prevention Month and encourage kids to be proud to dance to their own beat. Come on people, this is just awesome all around!

#justdance2015 #cgc 2

I will just tell you right now, the Just Dance 2015 has Let It Go along with 40 other hits and throw backs so there is something for everyone! Yup. But Let It Go had was totally the first one Avery danced to, naturally.

#justdance2015 #cgc 3

We recently just celebrated my sister in laws birthday and brought the Wii and Just Dance 2015 and you can find out what happened next in the video… there might be a clip of me dancing in this as well. Just sayin’.

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