Camping Themed Centerpieces

I have never been much of a camper, not because I am opposed to it, just hasn’t been something we have really made time for up to this point. The idea of camping sounds awesome, as long as there is a generator, I can sleep on the ground and be without an actual toilet, but things need to stay charged. #Priorities. So when the theme for this year’s dinner dance was camping, I was excited to come up with some fun centerpieces and you know I had to create something from paper, it’s just my style.

camping themed centerpieces

As soon as the theme was decided, I ran on over to my old faithful, SVG Cuts to see what they had and found the perfect kit. The lanterns and thermos both came from the same kit called Camp S’more. In addition to these two pieces, there is also a cute box that fits everything you need for 4 s’mores that would be an adorable favor. I would have certainly made those as well if this were a birthday party or something smaller than the 200 guests we had at this event. In all honesty, I probably could have easily been convinced to make 200 s’more boxes, I am a glutton for punishment. Instead, I stuck with 24 lanterns and 24 thermos’.

camping themed centerpieces 2

I found some fun camping, outdoors, and forest stacks that were perfect for both projects. All the plaid papers I saved for the thermos’ because I loved how it looked with a solid colored lid. The other patterns I paired up and added as accents to the lantern bases which were solid neutrals and greens. Some were a bit brighter but only because I started running out of paper choices. My favorite part of the lanterns is that the back is open so you are able to put in a battery operated tea light (no actually fire because paper is pretty flammable from what I hear) and it shines so nicely through the vellum.

camping themed centerpieces 3

Everything was brought together by these wood slices that were cut from some stumps on our playground. One of the dads in the school cut them for us and I am quite sure it was a big pain in the… and he probably had some choice words but they were vital to my vision so I certainly appreciated it. Plus, now we have them for future projects and tablescapes & centerpieces which is probably way more exciting to me than anyone else. I am sure you can relate if you love to set up a party, but if you can’t, let’s just say, to buy one of these would be $8-10 so this is an amazing deal being that they were free.

camping themed centerpieces 4

The last part was a mason jar of flowers, mason jars are a staple and I loved bringing in the fresh element to give a little more visual interest. Plus, flowers are just amazing.

camping themed centerpieces 5

I loved the centerpieces, but I also have to share our s’mores bar. We had a couple different types of graham crackers and different types of chocolate so you could build your own with a marshmallow that was fired on the spot. Super fun and a great source of entertainment. I will say, however, when you are dealing with 200 people, I had a few teachers firing them to order for the entertainment factor but we were in the back making them on the gas stove as well to help get the line moving quickly.

camping themed centerpieces 7

Either way, they were delicious in the end! How would you build the ultimate s’more? Let me know in the comments below!

camping themed centerpieces 6

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