Outdoor Sight Word Wall

Avery has officially finished Kindergarten and her first year in elementary school! There was one thing that was bothering me the whole year though… the sight words that were hung on the fence on their playground. It wasn’t the whole set, most were gone or falling off and they weren’t very fun, so by the end of the year I finally cleared it with the principal and re did the whole set! At our school, the sight words are separated into seven groups and each given a color and for this reason they are called rainbow words. Kids work on the red set and when they know that one they move on to the orange set and so on, plus, it is much more fun to look at on the playground!

outdoor signt word wall

They were pretty easy to put together and not too expensive to redo but it did take some time because there were 65 or so words. It all started with a large stack of 1×4 (I bought 6 to be safe) that I cut to 6 inches long. We had about 5 words that needed 8 inch pieces so I cut a few of those as well; words like “because”, “friend” and so on. I cut them and then they were sanded and painted with a nice coat of Behr in plain white over the whole surface.

outdoor sight word wall 2

Then I cut all the words out of vinyl, I used colors I had a lot of or don’t use often but this would be a great project for scraps as well since you are going to throw it all away in the end.

outdoor sight word wall 3

Once applied, I painted over the whole front of the block in the corresponding color. I used an acrylic paint and a sponge brush for this, drilled a couple of holes in the top with a 3/8ths drill bit and then used a spray sealer on all of them. Again, nothing that is difficult but it can get monotonous for sure!

outdoor sight word wall 7

Then I just had to hang them up, to get a feel of what was there before, here are the words that I took off the fence at first.
outdoor sight word wall 4

Not nearly as fun! I hung them all with zip ties so that it was an easy fix if they broke but the teachers could take them down and put them up as needed. I talked to them and they thought they could start the year with just the red words and then add them as the children start learning them- whatever works! I put all the zip ties on and then went back and trimmed them all at once and it was done! It wasn’t an easy thing to photograph so I don’t really have a picture of the whole set but I am super happy with the way they came out! The kids seem to enjoy them too! I have already seen parents and kids reading all the words on their way out and into school. LOVE!

outdoor sight word wall 5

I already and coming up with more ideas for things that could be put on our preschool playground! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

outdoor sight word wall 6




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