Quick & Easy Valentines Day School Lunch

Avery always takes her lunch, I was asked recently if she ever buys and I almost immediately said “No!”. Now, I don’t know if that is because I bought lunch and didn’t love it or if I really enjoy the daily craft project of making her lunch… or both. But either way, she has never asked to buy lunch so I will take this opportunity and run with it! Since Valentines Day is coming up, it is time to start having a bit more fun than usual making her lunch and I thought I would share the quick and easy things that I keep onĀ  hand so I can still making her lunch in the last moments before leaving, but it looks like I wake up at 5 am with a flock of doves fluttering behind me as I walk out of my room.

valentines lunch

First up, this lunch container is amazing. You can tell that this is not a sponsored post because I am not sure what the brand is, sistema maybe? Is that a thing? Anyways it is great for keeping things separate but still open. I start every lunch the same, a napkin on the left and four cupcake liners on the right. I grabbed a couple of packs of holiday theme liners (and some solid colors to have on hand) and a fun pack or two of holiday napkins and I am set for the month for about $5.

valentines lunch 2

Then, you could just stop here and it is fun and adorable but I like to go one step further and pick up some cupcake picks, I found these pink ones on clearance and they are over the top and hysterical… so perfect. I stick them in whatever fruit and veggie that I put in her lunch and it is a fun little pop. I have even found some cute ones at the dollar store where you can get a little kit with a dozen cupcake liners and picks in different patters; superheroes, princesses and so on. For a dollar. Did I mention that?

valentines lunch 4

Now, normally I stop here but the last touch is always a little note. I have a number on my site if you search “lunch box notes” but for Valentines day I thought I would win my child’s heart by simply adding an emoji, you know, since that is their second language these days. Using words is so last year. I found these sweet little emoji’s as a print then cut on Cricut Design Space. They are easy to throw together and it would take less than 15 minutes to make enough to get you to Valentine’s day and stash in your drawer with the rest of your lunch supplies. For me that is the same drawer as food storage bags, foil and so on.

valentines lunch 3

valentines lunch 5

The cupcake liners to cut sandwiches are an addiction but totally valid and required if you are in to being that mom everyone gets annoyed by. That is kind of my thing. They have their own shelf, naturally.

valentines lunch 6

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you are in to quick and easy, make sure you check out the rest of craft lightening below!

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