Quick & Easy DIY Lego Shirt {For Girls!}

I received tickets in return for this post, but all opinions and ideas are my own.

During the month off October, Avery and I were lucky enough to get some extra days off of school and work and we had so much fun! I highlighted all our adventures in various vlogs on my You Tube channel which I would love for you to check out but one of the highlights was Avery’s first trip to LEGOLAND! I was so excited to surprise her with this one because she has heard about friends going and has been asking about it for a while so I was thrilled when I was able to put it together for her. Because this was a special occasion, I of course had to make her a special shirt for this little adventure and this is the fun Lego inspired shirt (for girls) that I came up with and I was literally able to easily make the morning before we went!

lego shirt

It all started with the Lego Movie, Avery loved it and would incessantly sing “Everything is Awesome” so I knew that had to be on the shirt and she loved Wild Style so I wanted to incorporate her as well. Because Cricut doesn’t have a Lego cartridge that I know of (and I certainly don’t own it yet if they do) and I don’t have and Explore (yet) that could have used an svg file- I put this together with the cartridges that I did have through their subscription and I think it comes pretty close! I went with the sunglasses and girl lips and the song quote at the bottom.

lego 3

Then all I had to do was cut it out of my Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl, I put it shiny side down on my cutting mat and the important part here is to make sure and reverse the image like the photo above before you cut.

lego shirt 2

Once it is cut, all that is left to do before ironing is to weed out all the extra pieces so all that is left is your image. This goes pretty quickly.

lego shirt 4

After that, it is super easy to place it on your (wrinkly) shirt. The benefit to making this last minute is that since you are ironing on the image, you are ironing the shirt as well! Very convenient!

lego shirt 5

I ironed right on the plastic (my vinyl came from Expressions Vinyl and this is how I always do it) and kept the iron moving (except when I took this picture quickly) once it was all adhered, I pulled off the plastic sheet.

lego shirt 6

That is all there was to it! The part that took the longest was creating the image and even that only took under 10 minutes! I had this whole shirt done in around 15 minutes and we were off to Legoland to have a blast! There was so much fun stuff, especially with the Halloween decorations and all the Brick or Treat fun! Check out our day in this video and why I walked around in wet shoes all day!

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