DIY Elsa Jacket

I love homemade holiday gifts and honestly, I love shopping as well- so sometimes semi-homemade gifts are the perfect compromise! The way this one came out made me really happy and Avery is loving it as well!

diy elsa jacket

I had picked up this jacket on black Friday for about $7 and I loved the color (actually hubby picked it out so he gets the credit on that one) and I thought it would be perfect for my Frozen obsessed little girl. But then, when I got the Cricut Explore for my birthday and bought it over the black cyber whatever weekend and scored the Frozen cartridge as a bundle, I knew I would have to jazz up that jacket. People, this came out to a $10 Elsa jacket after the vinyl (only considering the price of the portion of the vinyl I used).

diy elsa jacket 2

I went to my Cricut and just picked an image, I didn’t have to do anything to this except enlarge it to the size I needed for her jacket. Then I let it cut away- don’t forget to mirror your image since you cut on the vinyl backwards!\

diy elsa jacket 3

I arranged the jacket so that it was in a single layer to be ironed, I did this mostly not to ruin the glitter dots that were on the front because I didn’t want to take the chance. Also, it will iron better if it completely flat.

diy elsa jacket 4

Then I placed on the image and ironed it on for about 20-30 seconds and then pulled back the plastic.

diy elsa jacket 5

It is that easy! Which is good because this is the second night of Hanukkah so I was able to put this together and get it in the box and wrapped in under 20 minutes. As I type, Avery still hasn’t taken it off since she opened it which is fabulous because she is the kid that always fights me to wear a jacket anyways! Check out her reaction in this video I post today on YouTube!

diy elsa jacket 6

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