#21dayfix Approved Disneyland Trip!

I had shared yesterday about all the fun we had at the #Disneyland60 Celebration (you can check that out HERE) but just because we were having a grand old time, doesn’t me I wanted to fall off the wagon nutrition wise, I have lost 26 pounds so far! We did great with our eating and I thought I would share how we did it with you all- the big secret? Bringing your own food, or at least most of it.

#21dayfix disneyland trip

Because we ended up bringing Avery’s friends and five people for each meal or snack would have cost much more money then we were able to spend, we brought all our food. We did let the girls get a fun Disney snack in the afternoon but otherwise, it was all from home. I love that Disneyland lets you bring in food because it was much easier to stay on track this way. Don’t get me wrong, everywhere you turn is another delicious smell so this wasn’t easy, but we did it. Plus we were able to save our money for souvenirs for the kids. First thing, make sure you eat breakfast. I always have a spinach/blueberry/flax seed smoothie for breakfast so I made sure this was no different. I love the confused 5 year old in the background wondering why I am taking a smoothie selfie. Kids just don’t understand.

#21dayfix disney trip 5

For morning snack Wade and I had Kind bars while the girls had their granola bars. Totally didn’t feel deprived. At lunch, I gave the girls their Mickey Mouse shaped PB&J and Wade and I broke out our own sandwich fixings. Not too shabby if I do say so myself! We had chicken breast (1 red), a sandwich thin (it is only 100 calories so I count it as 1 yellow) and I had spinach (1 green). Wade chose to do tomatoes and mustard on his but you can really add what you want. One thing I learned is no need to pack most condiments as you can grab the packets at any restaurant.

#21dayfix disney trip 2

I packed everything separate so things wouldn’t get gross and then I just stacked them up on my Sophia the First plates and we were ready to go! It was delicious and I surely didn’t feel like I was eating diet food. I had some carrots and peanut butter on the side and I was set!

#21dayfix disney trip 3

There you go, a pretty awesome lunch that kept me on track at the happiest place on earth!

#21dayfix disney trip 4

Afternoon snacks included apples and rice crackers and then we were on our way home! We didn’t stay for dinner but if we had, this is when I would have gone to a restaurant to order a salad or other figure friendly option.


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