The Ready for Anything Mommy Kit

This is a sponsored post but all ideas and opinions are my own and seriously, I would recommend these products to my best friend!

Thank you to the awesome Amy from Amy Tangerine for inspiration for this post!

As moms we have to be ready for a variety of situations. Everything from a skinned knee to a surprise friend over to an emergency snack attack. You name it, it has probably happened and there are a ton of times you might not have had something you really needed. In comes the ready for anything mommy kit.


This all started when I received one of these amazing Creative Options Three-Tray Boxes. This thing is amazing people. Ah-maz-ing. My mind started racing with what to fill it with; glitter, washi tape, paints, a craft box for Avery and the list went on. But then it hit me, this would be PERFECT to organize all of the things I try to keep in one spot in my car!


Then I started getting to work filling it with everything I could need. I started with the obvious and practical, then I added in a bunch of things that would just be nice to have on hand, last I grabbed a couple of random items that would probably end up being the first thing I used. With 3 trays and a deep bottom space in the box there is no way I could not have everything I needed!

Let’s start with the first tray. This is where I put the things I thought I would need in a rush, stuff like nail clippers, band aids, lip balm, first aid ointment, sunscreen, a flashlight, lotion, spoons, straws and more. Can you believe all that fits in just this one tray?!


Now, the second tray. In this tray I have extra baggies, trash bags, plastic grocery bags, window markers, permanent markers, pens, a lint roller and, of course, hand sanitizer.


Next up is the third tray, in this one, I have a thermometer, hair ties, a hand screw driver, tire pressure gauge, hand wipes, drink mix packets ( a must in my life these days), tape and some large band aids. Can you believe all that?! There is still the bottom space to go!



In the space in the bottom, I have some additional storage containers that I also received from Creative Options, the Large Deep and the Small Utility Organizers- these were a great way to organize all the stuff that didn’t fit in the trays but would have just been thrown in the bottom. In addition I have some Frozen stickers and Hello Kitty tattoos (these I thought would come in hand for those extra gnarly boo boos as a discretionary tactic).


Let’s start with the Large Deep Organizer- in this one I have a brush, fabric wrinkle releaser, tissues, scissors, extra deodorant, and markers for Avery. All off this stuff would have easily fit but this way it isn’t rolling around and getting all mixed up. Stuff like this makes my OCD very happy.


Next, the Small Utility Organizer, this was perfect for the small sponges, cotton swabs, nail files (Avery has super thin nails that chip and rip and I am always needing one of these!) and some cough drops for those days when our weather goes back and forth.


Both containers fit neatly in the bottom with the stickers and tattoos and I still have room for some emergency snacks for Avery and her friends- awesome! This space would also be great for back up baby clothes, diapers and wipes.


All of this stuff fits neatly and orderly in one small space and the best part is, it is so portable! If we go on a long trip, I can just pop it in Wade’s car and have everything we need! This deserves another look!!


Looking for more ways to use Creative Options boxes? Check out this video!

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Also, there is a contest that runs September 12th through 19th where you can snap a photo of your space in need of organization, post to instagram and tag @Creative_opts and be entered to win the latest Creative Options products to organize your space. Awesome!

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