Easiest Ever Patriotic Popcorn

It is the week of easy and fun Patriotic snacks at the preschool and this one went over BIG with the kids and the staff. I was happy because it was super easy to throw together, which is key when it comes to feeding 75 children at one time. All I needed were popcorn and melt-able chocolates in red and blue, doesn’t get simpler than that! I had purchased white as well but then decided the popcorn could be the while element in this patriotic popcorn. Check it out!

easiest ever patriotic popcorn

I used a lightly salted, air popped, popcorn I grabbed from Costco in a giant bag and I poured it out onto a few giant trays. I was making this for quite the crowd but this would easily be pared down for whatever size group you were feeding. I used two whole bags of red and blue chocolates for these 3 large trays.

easiest ever patriotic popcorn 2

I melted one color at a time in a microwave safe bowl in 30 second intervals. Then I took a spoon and drizzled it all over the popcorn, this may have been the funnest part.

easiest ever patriotic popcorn 3

Once you have both colors, it really starts to feel patriotic! Once all the chocolate was on the popcorn, you can let it set on the counter for about ten minutes until hardened. On this particular day it was almost 100 degrees so I didn’t see that happening in a timely fashion so I popped it in our walk in fridge for 10 minutes instead.

easiest ever patriotic popcorn 4

Once it is hardened, I broke it up into pieces and served it to the kids! I love how it came out!

easiest ever patriotic popcorn 5

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Easy DIY Diaper Cake

 I was compensated in exchange for this post, however, all opinions and ideas are my own. I love a diaper cake. Really, I love anything babies, not as much as having a baby, but pretty close. Sometimes it can be kind of bitter sweet making them for other people, but ultimately I enjoy making crafty […]

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